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  • caponsacchi caponsacchi Feb 19, 2014 6:58 PM Flag

    Bottom half of my Yahoo portfolio page disappears, erasing my positions and price points.

    It's happened 4 times in the last several months and is quite frustrating if you're building a portfolio and changing it on a daily basis. Reconstructing it takes a lot of time and is never accurate. How do you notify Yahoo? Any other similar experiences? Should I be paranoid because I haven't accepted Yahoo's invitation to link it to my brokerage account? (Tried that with Yahoo many years ago, before Yahoo discontinued the feature). Are there better or equal alternatives to Yahoo portfolio pages?

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    • I hate to say it, b/c it sounds like a "big diss", but Yahoo has become so hacked it isn't funny; First they send me an e-mail, making me change my password "as a security precaution" they say, and now I'm having to enter "funny looking text", to confirm my account. These mal-ware instigators are brutal, and they are taking-down a whole lot, lot of sights. What good is Silicon Valley and the digital revolution, if they can get taken-down by a bunch of "stay-at-home techies", with knowledge of how to "hack, insert malware, and cause a lot of disruption and security problems"; In fact, our society has become much too vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and it's really just getting going. Even my car, won't start, if the battery in the clicker gets low! First new car I've ever bought, and I learned this the day I get it! Imagine, being somewhere when your battery in the clicker goes-out, and for that "small watch battery" reason, you are dead stuck! This is a small example of our larger vulnerability to over-digitization without proper precautions and foresight! Who cares that FB spent $19-Billion for something I've never even heard of, or "who care what some FB'er had for lunch". This is the height of arrogance, vanity and destructibility in our society, when we value a company like Facebook, some obscene valuation, for what? So folks can put-on airs and web-id's? We're losing touch with reality! I know millennials who won't even take a phone-call anymore, and face-to-face communication is almost like intercourse with them, for they only "text". I'm being a little cynical and using hyperbole, but here's one for you. A company like Tesla, that has manufactured some 30k plus cars, trades at 2/3's the value of General Motors, What's Face-Book's value: $173 Billion, more than GM-Ford and Tesla combined! I'm about to throw-up! Yet FB only earned $.30-cents last quarter! Something to consider, as we blindly embrace over-technology that can't handle it's own!

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