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  • smallcapman smallcapman Apr 4, 1998 3:09 PM Flag

    Dont short yet

    It's stupid idea to split a fledgling stock just because it is going up in price on speculation and market mania. Besides, as a financial analyst and professional , I can very positively say that it will even look too very stupid for the CFO of that company to do that, much less the Board would allow them to do it without a shareholder approval.

    The bottom line is a split will make the E.P.S look even poorer say .001/share ?. Stock split is ruled out. Go take some money to the bank and then be back onto the gambling floor on another table. You got to know when to hold on and know when to walk away.! goodluck.

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    • I think a stock split is a great idea. More investors will buy the stock if the price is less threatening. Some people won't touch stocks that are over $100. How many stocks do you see rise from $30 to $60 compared to $100 to $200.

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      • If you split the stock, you are subject to earnings dilution. As Yahoo is a new company with an uncertain future, subjecting the company to earnings dilution would be extremely unwise. Significant insider selling at the $60 range indicates that management may think that the stock is slightly overvalued at its current price. A stock split would be beneficial to the stock price in the near term, but it could be disastrous in the future.

    • If you want to be rich short and wait. Manipulation by the M&M about to end, IT's a matter of time and very short one too.

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      • >Manipulation by the M&M about to end, IT's a matter of time
        >and very short one too.

        What makes you say this? Do you know someone who's involved?
        Do you know what they expect to reach before they wander off
        and screw with something else?

        I mean, it does seem like they could make more money with less
        effort elsewhere... But what's your evidence? News items?
        Personal contact? Just guessing?

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