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  • Guru_00 Guru_00 Apr 5, 1998 8:17 PM Flag

    Surfing for Ads (and not seeing many)

    Just did a quick 20 minute surf over numerous Yahoo pages, sites, chat rooms, etc. My findings are as follows. More than 50%
    of the pages had no advertising. About 35% had advertising from either Yahoo/Visa or Yahoo/MCI. The remaining 10%-15% had
    "third party ads". What I did notice was the lack of big name advertisers that I think I have seen before. Is it possible that
    numerous advertisers have dropped due to lack of success. I also have heard that the advertisers are migrating toward the content
    provider pages (such as ESPN, MSNBC, etc), not the navigational services where users are in a huge hurry to flip pages and generally
    ignore ads. This would be a logical migration, similar to advertising during Seinfeld as opposed to on the PrevueChannel .

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    • For example, reload, you'll see different ads

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      • Hey fool,
        I know how it works. I made no representations about how advertising worked. I passed along my results from my own surfing
        survey (which included numerous hits on individual sites). Do the same and tell me whaat you get. I'll predict you will have alot
        of Yahoo Visa cards and Yahoo/MCI internet subscription. The on-line brokers continue to spend heavily, but not many others.
        Question - When everyone knows (and has bookmarked) the site location for (as an example) will Amazon keep spending money
        to advertise on the net?

    • Very good observation. We need more smart people who can discern things better here. Actually, YAHOO might become a Visa advertisement company giving interest rates 3% below prime rate. The they will go belly up like so many other Visa promoters.

    • This stock is on the verge of getting crushed within the next 6 months to year. This stock has had a momentum play that is
      not unlike others related to new products (internet) where the price runs up but eventually the market wakes up and realizes
      that this company will struggle to make a dollar a share due to competition and pricing pressures. Do any of you think that there
      will be no more competition in the internet area. There will be more competition, including large companies (microsoft, IBM etc.)
      that will flood the internet services area in the near term that it will be hard for earnings growth and maintaing market share!
      Ha sanyone seen what happened to Netscape because that is the type of reaction that is about to come in the near term! It is
      not even that difficult for anyone to predict!!! This recent stock performance has made people alot of money! Don't fall in love
      with a stock, take your profits and invest in another company! This stock will have a hard time making a dollar/share and it is
      currently priced in the market as making 5.00/share in teh future! This is a cool company but if you don't take profits now they will
      begin to evaporate awful fast!!!

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