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  • cocodada cocodada Oct 1, 1998 8:24 PM Flag

    Is anyone else in this boat?

    I am a 46 year old female.
    I quit my job on
    July 9,1998 to work the stock market.
    I did good as
    far as not losing money until today.
    I lost
    $6,000.00 today. (aol and yhoo)
    Can anyone relate with
    me? My self esteem is zilch.
    Please respond by
    email. Serious responses only.

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    • You win some you lose. If you could pick em right
      all the time you would have temples and churches name
      after you cause your name would be God. My wife and I
      were down $70,000 grand, but we have made a few good
      calls and are on the way back. You'll be up again in no

    • Stay away from fad stocks like these internet
      issues. Look at stocks like Rubbermaid, Readers Digest,
      Pepsi, Dimon, key energy, Anheuser Busch, Pharmacia
      UpJohn etc. Read david dreman's new book, Contrarian
      Investment strategies: A New generation.

      Internet plays are too volatile to time right. i am 47,
      your age, and I have been investing in the market
      since I was 22. Trust me, long haul investing and not
      fad investing is the right way to go. If you want to
      take a flyer on one of the internet issues, buy a call
      or put, depending on which way you think it will go.
      I bought the Jan 99 100 YHOO put 2 days ago when
      the stock hit 130 and I already have a 30% gain. The
      downside is very limited.

      Remember, the small
      investor drove this stock up and will surely drive it
      down. Take your $6k loss and move into real plays for
      you long future.

      Was that serious enough? GOOD
      LUCK TO YOU.

    • Sure everyone here can relate to losing
      money...It is not much fun. Hopefully you have made more
      money in the past than your recent loss today...You are
      dealing with volatile stocks and I would not believe the
      hype too much either way...The market probably is in
      for some trouble still in the weeks ahead...My only
      advice do not bet with more than you can afford to
      lose...and expect to lose some sleep. We have all been

    • i lost almost the same amount . don't feel bad
      alot of people lost money. yahoo will bounce back up.
      don't let these stupid shorts to scare you i believe
      that we will have a bounce up by noon tomorrow. cheers
      keep your chin up. thank you

      • 2 Replies to ppanther99
      • There are much better stocks to be in though.

        Close your eyes and point at a list of stocks.

        The one you point at will almost certainly be a better long term investment.

      • Mutual fund cash at record low. Money flowing

        Margin calls on YHOO longs that have bought at 120 and
        up. Forced liquidations starting tommorrow. Amateur
        shorts squeezed out during last week, mostly the MM's
        now, at highest prices. No rush to cover. They will
        take there time.

        Technicals on indexes and
        virtually every individual stock have totally broken down
        today. YHOO collapse on HUGE volume is about as bad as
        it can get.

        S&P and Dow most overvalued
        equities in entire world.

        Yahoo projected earnings
        growth of >50% a year for next 5 years was always a
        joke, now it is even more so. Technicals and
        fundamentals just aren't there.

    • If you don't want losing your life saving, please play with other safe stocks. Both net stocks were over- over-valued. There is no way to go up everyday.

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