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  • coelho32 coelho32 Nov 25, 1998 8:24 PM Flag


    I don't mind if you're the first to announce
    that YHOO will split 3 to 1.


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    • Yes, HAST may be not a bad pick, but remember
      to start a train takes much more power to

      initiate it to move the first step. Once it starts
      move, it will only need little bit power to push
      go forward smoothly and quickly. THe point is
      BAMM train is already started, it will be really
      to stop a train, but it will be very easily to
      it go forward. DO your physics.

    • Yes, I will short YHOO again, but not now. This
      I will make sure that I win the game with 100%
      YHOO's rocket ride offers excellent opportunity
      shorties. Don't miss it. Of course, timing is

    • What can I say to you.

      Good luck.


    • Yahoo is going higher.
      Go look at the on-line auctions for Furby's.
      Go look at any of these message boards.
      Go look at the explosion of Internet e-commerce.

      See you at $250.

    • I want to compare it to the chart. Every one I
      know still rues the day they missed buying Yahoo
      at....fill in the price. Does anyone really think the market
      will rally without it? We can do all the analysis on
      these stocks but we all know the outcome. On any dip we
      will all be in line behind each other.

    • Its comments like yours that usually takes the
      stock much higher..I don't mind seeing YHOO under 200
      since I've already bailed out at 212...I am now worried
      the stock will gap up to 230 with out me...Hoping to
      get back in under 200..

    • in both volume and price. Major fund managers
      won't be back until Monday. The stock movement will be
      mainly contributed by small individual investors. Since
      the price is so high, not many
      investors would have a lot of money to buy YHOO
      in the
      pre-holiday shopping season. In contrast, most
      would love to cash in for some money in this
      At this point, stock price will drop, but may not
      drop too much.

      On Monday, the price will drop
      more. Why? all fund managers
      will come back from
      vacation, they are required to report
      their yearly
      performance. Most times, they will not buy any more
      right before they report their earning
      If they have some stocks which gain a lot of points,
      they may
      consider to sell them on Monday. Who are
      going to buy stocks?
      They are still those small
      investors. As you can imagine, the
      YHOO buying side is a
      lot of less powerful than selling side.
      It is
      always a buyer's market in this post-thanksgiving
      YHOO's price will be lower. Since sellers are not going
      sell YHOO at very low price, but it is a buyer's
      market, so
      the volume will be much lower from now on.
      Checking stock
      price movement in last 5 years, you will
      see that stock price
      always drops in
      post-thanksgiving days. I strongly recommend
      not buy any stocks
      in this holiday shopping season, since the
      will go down more before mid-January. If you
      money, you should use it for your shopping list.
      is not going to make much profit anyway, since all
      big stores
      such as Macy's or DELL or Compaq etc.
      all have their own web
      sites. They don't need go
      thru YHOO's ads. YHOO makes ads on
      TV, and they
      also make ads on TV. This year, EchoStar
      offers digital interactive TV, they can make very nice
      and smart interactive ads, which is much better than
      YHOO's dumb button
      ads. My prediction is that once
      digital interactive TV becomes
      popular, YHOO will be
      dead by then. Don't invest in YHOO for a
      long term,
      otherwise you are gonna lose your pants.

    • investors to release more stock to cover splits.
      Anyone know how many stocks they have as of now they
      could use. Jan 8th does sound a lont time away with the
      stock this high - or maybe they expect it to drop quite
      a bit before the meeting in January. What the heck
      we could spend forever guessing - they should make
      their ideas known to us - we are the owners of the
      Company after all. <G>

      Any ideas on the
      opening tomorrow - closes at 1pm eastern so shortened day
      - and smaller volume. Many are away till monday.
      Damn I ate too much!!!!!

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