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  • oottooman67 oottooman67 Jul 2, 1999 2:48 PM Flag

    This is what I am talking .....

    about Baby! Yahoooooooooooooo!!! Good Numbers and
    a 2 for 1 split!! Do you really want to be on the
    outside. If you are not today forget about it. Tuesday you
    will pay$200. Go Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I have never shorted any stocks. About twomonths
      ago my Waterhouse rep called to explain that I had
      mistakenly been allowed to short AOL (100 sh) It had fallen
      all the way to 115 or so. She was in a panick and
      said that I must sell it immediately but I was able to
      keep the $2500 or so that I was up on the short. My
      account had been screwed up for two weeks prior and they
      had not been able to explain it.
      It seems to me
      that a reputable company should allow the trades to
      stand... Good Luck I guess my good fortune could have gone
      the other way if the error had been reversed
      Yahooo !!

    • Has anyone heard of any new daytrade rules? DLJ
      Direct is now claiming to be enforcing a new rule which
      works as follows:

      If you own shares of position
      X to near max of your margin limit at the open,
      then sell them at some point that day and then later
      buy into another position that same day, you CANNOT
      use the funds from the sale of that day to finance
      your new position.

      I got burned big time by
      this supposed "new rule". I have done the above
      transaction type 200 times at least in the past year. Today I
      get an email saying the buy I made on June 30th is
      void due to the new rule and the subsequent trades I
      made today involved with the same position are now
      null, costing me thousands of dollars! This is not hype
      or some stupid net scare. I'm ticked off and can't
      believe a company could take three days to enforce some
      new obscure rule that the average person would never
      know about, and then take shares away that affect
      three other transactions which already took

      BEWARE OF DLJ DIRECT!! My attorney is checking up on
      this supposed new rule. I can only hope it hasn't cost
      any others as much as it cost me in the last three
      days. I'm putting my money in the hands of a
      responsible company. NOT DLJ DIRECT.

      I respect many of
      you on these boards. Please offer your thoughts on

    • dwarfstheotherwhitemeat2 dwarfstheotherwhitemeat2 Jul 2, 1999 10:26 PM Flag

      yahoo is the greatest company on earth you fuck ass !!! I can't believe you asswipes would say such crap !!! Ruck you all !!! I love yatooo !!!

    • Enjoy your stay in N.M. and I am sure your kids
      will have a blast! I will not be able to make the
      stocksinternet chat on the 12th, because I will not have access
      to the net. However, when I return I will trade
      emails with you. I hope you have a great 4th, too! bum

    • I'll be in new mexico until the 12th beginning
      tomorrow! Ahhhhhh! Gotta fix the fishing poles for the
      kiddos! Hope you have time to visit chat on the 12th at
      the stocksinternet club, i'd like to trade email!
      have a great 4th! ivorybill

    • I'm taking a look at the investing action tonite
      for YHOO and I'm trying to decide if I should get

      I'm wondering if the action I'm seeing is indicative
      of someone being "in the know" on some important
      news for Tuesday's trades or just more market

      Remember that this is a long weekend and some investors,
      maybe cash rich from the post Greenspan trading frenzy,
      are looking to make their trades after hours,
      unwilling to wait till Tuesday.

      Take a look at the
      action and please post your opinions here. I'll check
      back in before I pull the trigger on my trades.

      This after hours trading sure is wild >>>>

      That link is to a free site by the way.

      in advance.


    • <<<<Are you still in Texas?
      long?.... could be a real hot bummer 4th!


      Hey, I will be in Texas until the 12th, then off to
      OKCity to see friends, then Arkansas and then to North
      Carolina! Man, I got dizzy just thinking about the travel!
      You know, I am really impressed with the fact that
      this summer isn't anything like last summer's
      Have a good one, the bum

    • Are you still in Texas? long?.... could be a real hot bummer 4th!


    • it's good to be back!
      Enjoy the extended weekend, the bumster

    • calculation. Usually, one-time-charge is excluded
      in the
      earning calculation, otherwise, why
      Street's expectation was
      $0.08. YHOO will include
      GCTY's diluted shares into its
      earning's formula. 21m
      shares was only about 10% of its
      outstanding shares.
      There are several ways of earning estimate

      (1) From its historical data:
      The revenue
      increases from 25.1m (12/97) to 30.2m (3/98): 20.3%
      revenue increases from 30.2m (3/98) to 41.2m (6/98):
      The revenue increases from 76.4m (12/98) to 86.1m
      (3/99): 12.7%

      Hence, the expected revenue in 6/99:
      equals to: 105.7m;

      If GCTY's loss was: 6.9m*
      (0.33)= 2.28m (due to its staff
      reduction by 2/3 of
      total numbers);
      If GCTY remains the same revenues as
      last quarter: 7.8m

      Total revenues = 105.7m +
      7.8m = 113.5m;
      Total net incomes = 113.5m * 0.30 -
      2.28m = 31.77m

      The total number of outstanding
      shares: 204.4m+ 21m = 225.4m
      Hence, EPS =
      31.77m/225.4m = $0.14.

      Of course, there are some
      assumptions as follows:
      (1) The growth rate of this
      quarter vs. previous quarter equale
      to that of 6/98
      vs. 3/98;
      (2) GCTY remains unchanged on its
      revenues and net, identical to
      previous quarter's,
      which is a bit conservative;
      (3) The profit margin
      remains at 30%, lower than

      Therefore, EPS= 36.99m/225.4m= $

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