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  • penasco_98 penasco_98 Jul 15, 1999 9:04 PM Flag

    YHOO 2-1 stock split FACTS!! its true..

    Yes read the following link as YHOO Japan will
    split there stock come september and it is the HOTTEST!
    stock in Japan
    according to REUTERS NEWS
    please people back your claims with FACTS!!! Hopefully
    it will raise share price here in USA.....

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    • YHOO is a great stock. However we all know that
      as soon as the earnings are reported, YHOO will go
      down and come back again. So
      I am pretty sure that
      you will be able to buy YHOO between 150
      and 160
      even in a month later - or even cheaper. I once
      YHOO at 125 and sold at 163. I failed to catch it at
      117 and I didn't hit the high close to 190, but it's

      Right now an IPO - NPLS in the DSL sector - is really
      interesting. Yesterday it was closed at 22 with a volume of
      Today it is closed at 23.5 with a volume of 2.6M. I
      believe it's
      taking off like HSAC.

      things for NPLS:
      1) It already has a strong revenue
      stream of $115M per year;
      2) It has a huge customer
      3) It has a very aggressive expansion plan;
      4) It
      has Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, DLJ, Bears
      and Wit Capital behind it;
      5) It is traded at low
      20s which is close to its year low of 18.

      you are interested in NPLS, take a look at its
      Also you can find more discussions on HSAC's message
      People in HSAC's board think it's the next

      Good night and Good luck.

    • but I think it is just as likely that there will
      be a tear of good net news over next few weeks. I am
      worried about getting from Aug. to Oct. safely, but I
      think the nets will again prosper heading into the
      Holidays. Perhaps you are right, but it is also possible
      that AOL and YHOO are rope-a-doping and will come out
      swinging soon.

    • we'll know the market sentiment after the
      economic reports are out. they are due out 15 minutes
      before the open. if the market likes them, yhoo will
      rebound. i have a feeling yhoo is going to reverse at the
      open. good economic reports....good earnings....yhoo
      down 4 points today... if the sentiment is up
      tomorrow, traders are going to buy yhoo because it will
      look like a value stock for the day. maybe even aol
      will go up tomorrow. i,m not suprised that the market
      didnt fly today. its typical for wall street to buy on
      bad news and sell on good news but the next day can
      set things right.

    • was trying to go long Yhoo for a trade. I'm sorry
      but I don't believe in net stocks because of
      valuation. So I,m not surprised there down while everything
      else is up. On my net stock shorts I,m only even
      because Amzn had a big run, but if I can stay even or
      close to it in this huge Nasdq run , when it turns and
      it will turn I will be in the drivers seat. Mix when
      this market turns get out of your net longs it will be
      ugly , they are going down in an up mkt. Can you
      imagine. Plus this fidelity guy on CNBC saying they
      lightened up on all their nets is bad , and him saying AOLs
      big earnings, (I would imagine he means in the
      dollars) is 10 to 15 years away is bad . So what does that
      say about the rest of them. Most of the net press is
      bad , not all but most, I say look out below long

    • looks cheap they move to nasdaq watch out . huge buy

    • such as stocks go. there was just some profit
      taking from its upward run in the last 2 days. chances
      are it will trend higher tomorrow. it could trend
      lower but i would think there is a greater chance of it
      going higher. besides, its up 4% in japan tonight and
      japan takes its que from and usually follows the US
      market, so it should be down 2-3%. yhoo may even open 2
      points higher if the market is in a rally mood before
      the the open. the cpi and ppi reports were better
      than expected and sometimes there is a delayed
      reaction. understandable since the market is at record

    • correct, today's downward trend was mainly
      derived from:

      (1) Aggregate of shorts as well as
      profit-taking from daytraders;
      (2) Weak continuous buying
      (3) Part of it has been rotated out from

      Nothing needs to be worried if you are a long-term
      I still mainly keep my long position until maybe
      next year.


    • A lot of people bought in on ride down from 215
      to 160 or so, and some are probably just trying to
      get their money back in one piece feeling that they
      made a bad trade. I am waiting to do the same on some
      other net stocks like ABOV, IVIL, and VUSA which I
      bought way to high for fear that I was missing out. Best
      lesson I've learned all year, and I hope one I survive
      without too much damage. So, anyway, YHOO has to work
      back through that congestion, and the good thing about
      it hanging around 130s to 160s is that a lot of
      people are getting in who should hold as we go up.

    • point we have to get back to sane reality.
      some reason nothing aBout Yahoo makes any sense
      Where is all this, tremendeous downward pressure,
      coming from?
      TO 125 MAX

    • time today. Every time we hit 160 or better out
      jumps a small block, 4's 7's 8's but, no ten thousand
      block trades.
      Markets only record over
      There were an awful lot of shares moving, on the sell
      daytraders do provide the volume, but along comes with the
      15 minute-ers, the volatility.
      My wish, a nice
      sane market up 4 a day for two weeks.
      Now that
      would make me happy.

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