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  • ianmud ianmud Oct 9, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    Waiting on technical rebound

    I have been following this stock and its message board for some time and have been keeping my powder dry waiting for a price turnaround. Having installed these on roofs and dealt with the company, I feel strongly that they are here to stay.

    Personally, I won't take the plunge until I see it heading back up because while technical analysis makes no sense on its own merits, there seem to be enough people/institutions that use technicals that there is a self-fulfilling phenomenon involved. The only times I have made significant money in the market was when I bought stocks that were above their 50/200 day EMA's. That means I will miss out on a portion of the rebound, but won't have to guess where the bottom is. Also, since this stock has no 200 day EMA, I am stuck with the 50 day and the 20 day.

    Not that this matter to anyone else, but it has worked for me.

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    • You say you've installed their inverters. How do they compare to the competition? Some on this board think ENPH will only be around until other companies with inverters put them out of business.

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      • Hard to say how they compare since many of their "competitors" have only announced and not actually made a product available to the market. What I would say is that they are a company that is responsive to their vendors and that has a good product. The microinverter does what it says it will do and it solves a problem. They seem to have first mover advantage and unlike pioneers, they haven't taken too many arrows.

        So, from an investors standpoint, there is enough there there for me to be interested. Just a matter of not trying to catch a falling knife.

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