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  • jmcvicker jmcvicker Dec 31, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    ENPH ques.

    I really want to add to my RE shares and want to consider buying some ENPH.

    Questions are:
    - how are the 190 inverters doing lately? My personal Solar PV installer said they have had numerous warranty replacements. 215s doing better. (I have two PowerOne Auroras - really nice).
    - Would 190 warranty replacement put a big damper on possible future profitability of ENPH?
    - Since SolarCity is ramping up, I really believe they will be using ENPH for a lot of projects. Since many homeowners now can "afford" solar via SolarCity leasing (and SunRun, etc.) ENPH may cash-in on such a proliference.
    - Is the margin on doing a ramp-up with SolarCity good for ENPH?
    - I suppose SolarCity is not exclusive with ENPH so they will use SMA, PWER and others.
    - Does ENPH have any new products coming out for higher-power panels? 260W and much larger are available and you really don't want to use 215s as their clipping point is not allowing full power.
    - Would ENPH honor sloppy work by mass installations by myriad SolarCity install teams?
    - Now that PWER has 250 and 300W micro-inverters, how will that play out for ENPH?

    I know that most of you may not know the answers but anything would help.

    Sentiment: Buy

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