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  • rvga128 rvga128 Apr 6, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    Input from somebody!

    We have an office building in GA and wanted to put in solar panels. We elected to have Micro Inverter Mono Cyrstalline Solar panels. Quote for putting the panels was approximate ($5 per watt ) with 45 Kw costing about $237,000. Is this a reasonable price quote!
    Unfortunately we only get Federal Tax credits and little by the way of State Credits. When we sell the oversupply to the Grid, the Utilities pay us about a third of what they charge. In Georgia, Southern Company, I believe has a total monopoly on people who control the way things run. My costs of running this office are about $800 per month. Do you think I should still consider putting solar panels- cost wise without taking environment into consideration. Thanks for your input.

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    • I m going to tell ya sunpower mite be one to look at I believe they install for free but check em out they also have the most efficient panel in the industry

    • Get quotes on both string inverters and micros from ENPH. There are always limitations for the cost savings of string inverters. Sometimes minor, sometimes very costly making the total cost much higher despite cheaper install. Large systems with quality panels that have low faliure rates and NO shading can be less per watt actual performance with strings. Othewise ENPH inverters have much higher output and therefore lower cost per watt.

      My system has shading and not direct south or tracking instillation. Micro's provide much less per watt power.

    • What is your goal? Show the community your firm is green? If so, why not start with conservation efforts. Do all employees turn off their computers nightly? Does the firm provide mugs instead of paper cups? Are lighting and heating choices done with a mind for savings?

      Shop installers and don't stop at the first quote you see. For such a large system, installers find it is cheaper per watt by far to go with string inverters. Ask around. If you cannot grid tie and get equal price net metering, then why do it? It's greener to conserve than to put up solar. And, to save money, you'll end up choosing Chinese modules. Even though GA manufacturer Suniva is right around the corner, it would be painful to see you choose the Chinese way out. Including micro inverters from enphase which are also made in china.

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    • IMO, that may be a bit high for a quote. But depending on instal details other than the panels, it may be in line. Get multiple quotes from installers who can give same equipment. That will let you know if your initial quote is in line.

      I installed 86 240 watt panels originally on my house, just added 9 more 280 watts. My cost was far less, but it was a fairly straight forward install. As for selling back on grid, we get the same in AZ with APS. Here, the system is like having a 10% return on investment. But the utilities only are obligated to buy 25% of your total production. You do not get paid for a larger overbuild.

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