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  • fiftyxbagger fiftyxbagger May 30, 2009 8:19 PM Flag

    Looks like the jury is still out on

    onco-011. Provenge given its P3 data is still in the drivers seat as its not a nasty chemo drug with all those side effects. The final survival data as Feurstien points out went from 10 months to 6.9 months and as we all kmow this was a small population P2 trial. Putting this one on my short watch list. Stock Dilution is just around the corner. get ready for a shelf registration.

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    • ditto on your read of the conference call.

      One guys said - "numbers don't look good - they look great."

      Remarkable that a layman like myself could get so much out of the talk.

      The market price on Monday will reflect the shortage of shares. The story is picking up and more and more shares will fall into the hands of investors and away from traders.

      Let the traders out.

    • your missing the point, the data was not as good as the abstracts............the street wanted better results from the oral presentation. so what is going to drive the stock price? The real ?????? is what will the survival rate be for onco-011 when you have a very large P3 trial. Lots of dilution is coming, $9M in the bank got to raise cash.

    • Traders are going to be hit in AM by lower median? Who ever thought adding 7 months life to a cancer patient at a stage with a median 17 months left would be bummer. 10 months is great and may be achieved with furtner refinement of treament.

      Traders will be exiting Monday and I hope with a profit. If they are in a hurry Mr MM will book them with losses. If Wall Street picks up on this story I think we head much higher.

      7 months in this stage patient is huge. The treatment is so new I expect refined future therapies offer even more promise. Not to mention additional cancers, chemo combinations and even how early to start OGX-011 treatments.

      GLTA, feels like bashers will be banging hard on the board Monday. Their numbers are growing.

    • Just listened to the CC from OGXI. Have to say it was very complete, to me stunning, with excellent presentations from a very well and knowledgeable panel. A couple of things come to mind. First, overall survival is the gold standard. Progression free survival is evolving and not really well defined. As far as OS, CGRB's product doesn't have it. I don't know what JNJ bought or what's there secret info as to why they bought. This drug looks alot more valuable and this panel IMO almost said that directly. Second, PSA may not stay the main marker for disease down the road. Third, Clusterin is even more important in prostate CA as an intricate helper in progression than I even realized. Fourth, the histology slides showing effect of clusterin blockade were very convincing. Fifth, the panel brought up again the need for new treatments, and the fact that "CA cocktails" are probably the future. With that in mind it is possible for OGXI to possibly have two drugs that could be utilized at the same time(or even three as RNaseH in ANS is not limited by the use of more than one product). OGX-0225 from what I remember was first studied to be used in the treatment of prostate CA and is the first ANS drug to target two sites at one time. Finally, it is foolish for me to predict prices for Monday's trading, but I do know this stock is highly undervalued. t

    • i think the chances of them partnering prior to capital raise are high. id be careful.

    • I agree a secondary but at a much higher px.

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