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  • dr.kuvasz dr.kuvasz Aug 23, 2009 10:26 AM Flag


    The first step to a solution is the description of a problem- these postings are really helpful.

    It is very hard to change some investors' view that OGXI is a risky biotech start up.

    That view is not based on special insight or even the facts; it reflects the criteria certain investors have long used to judge whether to invest or not.

    There is a niche market that views OGXI as a great investment. It is no coincidence that after the sale of Cougar, new interest was shown by individual and institutional investors in OGXI. Many on this board probably freed up some money as a result of that buyout.

    The best arrow in OGXI's quiver for gaining broader acceptance is any announced partnering.

    Most people equate any form of relationship with another successful party as a sign of success in the marketplace. This is why most companies toot their horn about "anchor or flagship clients" or value their strategic partnerships.

    Should OGXI succeed in getting the right partner, this will put OGXI in the partner's orbit and therefore on the radar screens of both biotech and health care investors. In particular, if the scope and terms of the partnership beats analysts' expectations.

    This removes much of the risk and gives instant credibility to OGXI. I realize Phase III is always risky, but now big pharma will be seen as being closest to the situation and has endorsed the chances for success at Phase III. The fact that this is probably a multiple party bid for OGXI helps too.

    After that, other analysts must get involved. It would be nice if a large Canadian bank covers them, especially in view of the presence these banks have in the US and Europe. I know RBC covered them last year. That's the 14th largest bank in the world.

    It would help if respected business papers covered OGXI upon it achieving its stated goal of announcing a partnership.

    If any of you have influence at one of these papers, you should consider putting them in contact with the CEO.

    Investor relations is important in any company. I believe that if we express our ideas to OGXI, they will do the right thing and continue to get the message out there.

    And lets not forget the importance of this message board as well. The advancement of everyone's knowledge of OGXI can inform others and help them understand whether or not to invest in OGXI.

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