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  • dr.kuvasz dr.kuvasz Aug 27, 2009 9:44 PM Flag


    hasn't changed much-down to 655,000. with low trading volume, may take 9 days of trading just to cover the shorts.

    what a positive catalyst for price appreciation.

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    • Hi Brussels:

      Little bit of coincidence that your dogs are from Vancouver breeder. They've brought you good luck for OGXI, another great product from the best West Coast city in North America (I'm biased, I was raised there).

      I hope you have many great walks with your dogs in the woods. You are in a great part of the country for your walks.

      BTW, your prediction of $45 was on track today...unbelievable it hit 42.99 then closed at all time closing high today in challenging markets.

    • Hi Jbog:

      don't want to rehash the issue, but I was interested in your comments about the tax strategy of shorting. I had not heard of it so I did some research.

      that loophole was closed in 1997 as far as my research shows...makes sense, otherwise too easy to turn any short term gain into a long term gain.

      I still don't think shorts driving this stock now, but we will find out in a couple of weeks.

    • thanx jbog. yaya must have a new handle now. I will keep an eye on PARD now

    • Amazing story on your dogs and one never knows when one will meet a new friend. Get this I got both of my Griffs from a lady Faye Wouderloud from Melcris kennels in Vancouver B.C. I had them flown into Hartford Airport two years apart.

    • Brussels:

      Now I get your name.

      Any dog that accompanies you into the woods is the greatest of friends. You should be proud of them.

      As Thoreau and Emerson wrote, walking alone in the woods is a great thing... but they missed one point....having dogs with you is even better. Dogs don't talk but they share your enthusiasm for every step and everything you see or hear.

      I raise the Kuvasz, which is a huge white Hungarian dog that the ancient Magyars bred to protect themselves against betrayal and poison and the Turks as well.

      Never in three decades has my farm been broken into while my Kuvaszok stand on guard.

      They don't walk very well in the woods...tend to want to kill whatever they see.. so my daughter and I got a Brittany Spaniel for walks.

      Now the Brittany Spaniel is poetry in motion. In fact, if I were to pick one dog to represent OGXI, it would be the Brittany Spaniel...loyal, runner, tongue- wagging and indefagitable...goes to the finish line and wants to do another lap or two just because it can!

      Ode to the French...they can develop great dogs...and Bridgette Bardot as well.

    • Dturk,

      I bought PARD last wens on the advice of YAYA, who does his homework very well.

      I own it and am happy but I can't say I did my homework on it.

      I'll let you know.

    • ok Jerry jbog it is your turn :>))

    • Dturk:
      You are right, I would be interested in hearing what he has to say about it.

    • the important thing is what does jbog say about PARD.

      he was right on money for all his picks except AMAG so far :>))

    • I forgot one may go "short against the box" . Means being long very cheaply and selling the stock short making a new position but staying long.Basically locking in a big profit and protecting the long stock position.

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