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  • teva4eva teva4eva Dec 23, 2009 8:26 PM Flag

    OGXI Fundamentals Never Better

    The day before yesterday I never heard of OGXI but when I clicked on the Teva site I read the news of their tie-up with OGIX. As a long term investor in Teva I am very well attuned to their modus operandi and if they felt confident enough to put money into a company and agree to such an extraordinarily high royalty then I proceeded to buy OGXI (even without due diligence). No company would agree to such a high royalty without having the utmost confidence of the eventual success of the drug.

    One must know the history of Teva and its management's capabilities to understand that what they touch usually results in
    a positive end. This shrewd mngmt saw something that smelled too good to pass up and if it meant giving OGIX a sweet deal then good luck to both.

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    • smart move
      my analyses was very similar when I bought during the day it dropped
      TEVA has confirmed OGXI success
      and TEVA is very conservative
      load up if this stock retests this weeks lows

    • Teva4:

      This is interesting. I was wondering when Teva investors would express their views. I was delighted when I saw that Teva was OGXI's partner and I agree that the high royalty captures the confidence that both parties have in their relationship. Rodman's report is also very helpful in expressing the synergies between OGXI and Teva. Good luck.

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      • dr.kuvasz
        One need only to check Teva's history with respect to acquisitions to see that they only acquire those that can materially affect their bottom line and since Teva has a very big capitalization it follows that any acquisition would necessarily require (and actually possess) the promise of a very big payoff. I haven't the faintest doubt that Teva has studied very carefully OGXI's pipeline and sees a high degree of success with the phase III TRIALS. Incidentally, Teva today hit its historic high.

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