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  • teva4eva teva4eva Dec 24, 2009 12:06 AM Flag

    OGXI Fundamentals Never Better

    One need only to check Teva's history with respect to acquisitions to see that they only acquire those that can materially affect their bottom line and since Teva has a very big capitalization it follows that any acquisition would necessarily require (and actually possess) the promise of a very big payoff. I haven't the faintest doubt that Teva has studied very carefully OGXI's pipeline and sees a high degree of success with the phase III TRIALS. Incidentally, Teva today hit its historic high.

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    • I will be spending time over the holidays learning about Teva. Two shrewd management teams put this deal together based on (as you point out) the confidence in 011 getting to market. Festive wishes to everyone.

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      • please continue to pump the water out of the OGXI basement deal with Teva. The MM's have spoken loud and clear. I have no doubts that OGXI will trade in the teens before it sees $30.

        I have been investing in biotech since 1991 and a longterm investor/follower of ISIS (1997).

        The street mindset is still very negative about (cancer) antisense drugs even though these failures are all 1ST Gen platform drugs. -011 is a second generation drug which is 100X more potent than 1ST Gen drugs so has a significant better chance at success.

        The Lung cancer -011 P2 results if positive will be a catalyst in moving the stock price.

        OGXI is worth $150M in MKT CAP it should trade around $22/$26. Markets are not rational and in a down turn we will see $17/$18 and on news we see spikes that wont last to $27/$28

        Those who buy should expect trading volitility as there is no trading liquidity with 6M shares outstanding. On any hint of a negative event the shorts will spin and kill the share price with very little money at risk.

        By the way you should all scrutinize the QTR Stock Option Grants that Management has given themselves.

        A traders perspective on a company that every long wants to PUMP as cheap. The best thing since bannana bread.

        Happy XMASS to All


    • bingo

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