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  • coldpizza22 coldpizza22 Jan 10, 2010 10:39 AM Flag

    20 dollar stock with 56 price target

    Teva is a sharp Generic product based drug company, its just that the MM's and at the moment that all that counts, views Teva as a tier TWO pharma Co and so the deal is less attractive (shopped around), it impacts their decision to make an investment in OGXI.

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    • TEVA is number one in the world for aggressivenes IMO. They do have some propriatory drugs and they are expanding their pipeline expontenially. Their new target price from one brokerage house was noted to be $67. I wouldn't bet against them. They are the consumate competitor. They'll steal your drug to sell it generic, and they'll sue you if you try and manufacture one of their brand name drugs. That's alittle unsettling to me. Wish that OGXI had gone with Sanofi, or NVS instead. t

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      • I doubt that any of the big pharmas is big on playing by the Marquess of Queensbury rules either. They bribe politicians and sue whenever it serves their interests, even if it's just to harass a competitor.

        To me, the best partner for OGX-011 is whoever is selling the most Taxotere since it's joined at the hip to that drug. For now, of course, that would be Sanofi, but once its patent expires and Taxotere goes generic it may very well be Teva. I'm sure that was a major reason OGXI went with Teva. They've said repeatedly that it was a competitive bid and I find that credible.

    • Just repeating what others have said. The patent for Taxotere expires later this year (though some secondary patents may continue a little longer). When it does, Teva will undoubtedly begin marketing a generic version. Since OGX-011 is used in combination with Taxotere, if OGX-011 is approved Teva would be ideally situated to market it. There is clinical risk here, obviously, but if OGX-011 succeeds in extending survival and/or reducing pain relative to Taxotere alone, I don't think Teva will have any problem selling it.

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