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  • mr_ssssamsa mr_ssssamsa Jan 29, 2010 11:42 PM Flag

    President/CEO Insider Activity on 1/28

    Dr. K, I think the only reason for the personal attacks on management is that the stock has been going down. You see it on every Yahoo board. Here you have a company that a year ago had a stock price of $3 and that had no money to proceed with any of its clinical trials, but now is priced a lot higher and has funding for not only 3 P3 trials but probably several P2 trials (for OGX-427) as well, and management accomplished all that with practically no dilution. And no one in management has ever sold a share! How many biotech managements have a track record like that? Yet many people will continue to bash them as long as the stock declines.

    What scares me is that I think people vote more or less the same way. If the economy is good, they'll re-elect a complete nincompoop. If it's bad, they'll kick out even the most well-intentioned and competent politician.

    So the problem is people. Hopefully that won't occur to Dr. Gleave, or he might stop trying to find ways to make them live longer.

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