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  • beachbarbob beachbarbob Mar 3, 2010 8:00 PM Flag

    Provenge Boost Survival 40%

    What are the -011 survival numbers??

    Provenge is going to be the "GOLD STANDARD"

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    • This was an eye opening reality. I lost my wife at age 39 to squamous cell.This woman just would not admit that death is coming for us all. Unbelievable.No wonder we are screwed on healthcare when she thinks it is death panels putting her husband to death if they do not get the drugs.

    • End-of-Life Warning at $618,616 Makes Me Wonder Was It Worth It

    • I have tried to confirm the issue of using provenge and 011 at same time. there is no scientific basis for that at this time. cash is right. they are combined in the way that people progress to 011 after use of provenge.

      provenge will assume a role in early castrate resistant prostrate cancer (before chemo) but all these people will still progress onto chemo at which time 011 will be used.

    • Agree with you. I thought however, if you bought Provenge at Wal-Mart it was only around $50,000 per month. t

    • Why is 011 a little nastier than chemotherapy? The results from the docetaxel vs 011 plus docetaxel study in metastatic pc indicate 9AEs for the docetaxel plus 011 group vs. 5 for the docetaxel group. Chills, fever, and elevated creatinine were more frequent in the 011, as was an adverse change in lymphocytes

    • >Currently, there is no scientific rationale for using provenge with 011 I know of

      Good question. sipuleucel-t is effective if used with chemo much like ogx-011.

      I think most of the survival advantage of sipuleucel-t is due to some interaction with the chemo. This time around (as opposed to 2007), dndn is very quite about this and since there wont be an odac meeting, we will never learn or question how and why of this interaction and whether that's the only reason of the survival advantage. So I dont know if chemo + ogx-011 + sipuleucel-t is any better then chemo + ogx-011 or chemo + sipuleucel-t

      >Provenge is preferable clearly in this respect.

      That's the best BS ever. So far, the marketing of provenge is pure genious.

      [From the previous study]
      >Sipuleucel-T or placebo was administered intravenously over 30
      minutes, and patients were observed for 30 minutes after each infusion.
      After treatment, patients were observed every 8 to 12 weeks for safety
      (physical examinations, adverse event assessments, laboratory tests) and
      progression (radiographic imaging studies and pain assessment) until
      disease progression, at which point a crossover to open-label APC8015F
      was available for patients treated with placebo.

      So yes. Provenge is preferable clearly in this respect during the first 11.7 weeks. What about the adverse events after the patient starts chemo 3 months later (median)? Since the patients start the chemo after the disease progression, they will have the exact same adverse events.

      At least OGX-011 may offer some pain palliation.

      I dont care much about the price of provenge ($100K) or marketing genious. I want to learn if the patients are better off starting chemo right away rather than wasting time with provenge.

      OGX-011 on the other hand may demonstrate a clear OS advantage after the P3 study(ies). Even without a conclusive P3 study, if the patients want to live longer, doc + OGX-011 seems the best choice at this moment.

      Again I have no issue with provenge. It should be approved and offered as a choice to the patients. It was stupidity of FDA not to require a comparison with the chemo. So we will have to live about this.

      Hopefully, in 3-4 years, OGX-011 will be part of the standard treatment and more studies will be conducted to compare both (I doubt).

    • tblew wrote "Chemotherapy with 011 is even a little nastier than chemotherapy alone."

      What is your rationale for the above statement?

    • tblew,
      Always appreciate a well thought out critical look at any stock I'm interested in. You're point about multiple drugs in the pipeline for PC is well taken.
      My main focus here is how 011 performs where clusterin is a factor in resistance. Teva, not a reckless or desperate big Pharma, has made a strong statement in what their experts think.

      Also like the fact that this is Teva's second antisense drug they have partnered with.

      On the other hand, I'm not currently holding OGXI shares. Just a rule I have about abrupt CFO departues, no further news has been a good signal.

    • Provenge boosts cancer survival 40%, 011 39%. 011 results were not significant except in a "predetermined" multivariate analysis. Was there more than 1 predetermined multivarite analysis? We dont know. Currently, there is no scientific rationale for using provenge with 011 I know of. Does provenge increase clusterin? Chemotherapy with 011 is even a little nastier than chemotherapy alone. Provenge is preferable clearly in this respect. There are other drugs competing in addition, notably one by sanofi. It is in fact a crowded field. Other drugs that are effective likely reduce the pain associated with progressive ca. All that being said, there are many possible indications for the drug; it has a credible, well-documented mechanism; it has low market cap and enterprise value; it has a good partner, a very attractive royalty percentage, and is well-funded. As for management, it is a positive that the Ceo is not an MD or PhD in my opinion. On the other hand, the one time I spoke with him, he seemed selective in his answers to my questions (not completely forthright), just like other small biotech CEOs I have spoken to. Apparently, it's an occupational disease.

    • EOM... GLTA....

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      • The patients will likely move on to chemo and OGX-011 holds promise.

        $100,000 for provenge, YEOW. I really don't see how are nations medical bill can handle all the $100,000 treatments coming out. At least Provenge is an expensive to make individualized treatment. Not just pure profit like much of what comes out of big Pharma.
        Individualized treatment, you have to wonder about the manufacturing end and if consistent large scale production has all the bugs worked out. No idea myself, just something I have wondered about with Provenge.

        Congrats on some huge gains with DNDN. An oldie but goody for me in the past.

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