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  • boxcarlong boxcarlong Jul 6, 2010 3:02 PM Flag

    to buy or not to buy ....yet

    decision's ,,,,,, Is the Housing Market going to turn SOUTH? thus unemployment remains High and Consumer Confidance Tanks... causing a Double Dipper?

    Are there still speculators willing to buy real estate? No fast money to be made in real estate as prices are still in a deflationary spiral even with the lowest interest rates since 1971. So does it fall back to 2000/2001 prices?

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    • I dont think it would be wise for OGXI to pursue AD at this moment. Oncogenex does not the finances nor the expertise in AD.

      If anyone wants to gamble in the AD space, there is another Canadian company that will soon announce the results of a P2 trial.

    • what did Christ say about good wine. drink it first....

    • I'll write you tomorrow in the am. There's an unofficial rule passed by the virtual governor. For every three bottles of wine drank the fourth has to be a Michigan wine. t

    • Deal. Contact me on IV...I will set up everything for fishing here in first half of August (second half up north for trial)...then we talk about Michigan while here. Can you take me where Hemingway fished?

    • Dr. K, We have gotten two new partners. One started today and one starts on July 29th. How about some fishing in August? Also, how about you coming over for Salmon fishing in Sept. I'm going Sept 3,4,5,15,16, and 29th. Let me know, I'll take care of everything except the guarantee of catching fish. t

    • Jet, I am still waiting for you to come to Ontario to fish with me. If you do, I promise we will get some nice browns. But I know we won't talk of brain blood barrier while fishing...just afterwards while drinking.

    • I believe if ISIS had rights to the drug for other uses they would have noted that previously with specific language to shareholders etc. Also, OGX-011 will not cross the blood brain barrier on its own so it has to be injected intrathecally. No ANS drug crosses the blood brain barrier passively. I believe that what this research shows is that OGX-011 stops the production of peripheral Clusterin which itself crosses the blood brain barrier. No production of Clusterin or reduced production of Clusterin and then no opportunity to cross the blood brain barrier. This is hot news in regards to AD and watch for more info on this subject it is really coming. t

    • The compound is owned by OGXI and it has patented the composition of the drug and its use to treat an over-expression of clusterin.

      ISIS's agreement with OGXI does not restrict the use of its drugs to cancer; it is for any purpose.

      So the interesting question is whether OGXI's patent for 011 protects its drug as applied to AD.

      Assuming the knowledge of crossing blood and brain, OGXI's patent would protect 011 for AD. Its drug's composition is protected, and so is its use to address over-expression of clusterin.

      That proposition is subject to debate given the uncertainty in the US legal system about the usage test; but there can be no debate about the composition of the drug being owned by OGXI and ISIS's agreement does not restrict OGXI using 011 in the treatment of AD.

      I stand to be corrected; this area of the law is complex and certainly not my speciality.

    • They own a compound that inhibits clusterin via antisense which is ISIS Technology. The issue is how broad is their technology license from ISIS??
      Does the IP deal allow them to go after targets outside of the Cancer arena with this molecule??


    • OGXI owns the compound but isn't the question also whether its applied use (ie, for a particular application to treat a disease) is consistent with the patent. I profess this is a complex area of the law and that there is no consensus on this point in the US legal system. If the patent relates to the compound in its application to clusterin, then there is good argument that patents cover other diseases; if it is restricted to particular cell system or disease, contrary argument may prevail. I don't even know if I have stated the issue properly, but Aristotle once said the start of knowledge is to know about the process of the unknown.

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