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  • dr.kuvasz dr.kuvasz Dec 1, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    Competition update:

    Hi Jet, how did the PJ conference go. Didn't listen to it. Not so engaged due to personal stuff. If I don't post so much for the next while don't think I've disappeared.

    I've been trying to pass on a message to people, at work and everywhere else. We read about our investments, but do we research about the safety of the vehicles that we put our families in. My wife was involved in a head on collision on our rural road. A guy crossed over into her lane, both going 80 km an hour. My wife survived, a miracle, not so much of a miracle for the other guy.

    What saved her life was the Lexus 350 SUV she drove. It deployed air bags at the right time at the right spots (even at the knees), it crumpled at the right spots, held strong at the right spots, and the weight and strength of the vehicle saved her life. So go read the safety reports and consumer reports to ensure your vehicle is the right one. This ain't a plug for Lexus, but its SUVs are live savers. The SUV was a complete write off and the police and Emerg Service personnel couldn't believe she survived, let alone is walking around (and talking).

    Christmas is coming. Time to reflect on what is important. Put your family in safe vehicles. My sports car is gone now. I've got a Lexus SUV just like my wife.

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