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  • howardmorris howardmorris Jul 19, 2011 10:14 AM Flag

    ARIAD MKT CAP = $1.68B

    Thanks, Dr. K. Can you help me see the potentiality of a purchase/buyout/LBO/takeover that is accretive? It seems to me that EVERY step Cormack has made to date (since SNUS), including and especially the partnership with TEVA, mitigates against selling the company. He acts like he's trying to build a global powerhouse; if -011 and 427, et al, are efficacious in multiple indications he may do just exactly that. Partnering with ISIS and TEVA appear to be hedges against the need to sell the company just to provide continuing operating capital...

    Anyway, I know it looks like I'm rambling because it sure FEELS like I'm rambling...

    Box, feel free to provide instruction where I'm missing the obvious.

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    • Howard

      I'am only focused on one thing at this point.

      -011 P3 trials.

      OGXI after full dilution for Warrents and current employee stock options is around 12M shares.

      That said positive P3 results in mid/late 2013 would result in a $1B market cap based on my experience with Ariad and the Cougar buy-out by J&J.


    • What weighs in favour of buyout is TEVA royalty stream payments to OGXI is high, and that TEVA must diversify and OGXI would be great branded oncology division.

      What weighs against it is 427 is not partnered with TEVA and maybe that will not be for sale and OGXI may want to fund itself on taking 427 forward

      Mere speculation on a beautiful sunny day.

      Maybe I should take a page from Box and focus on 011 approval in prostate. Having said that, 427 will be coming up for Phase II data release at or before 011 approval in prostate.

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