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  • tonisasuage tonisasuage Aug 5, 2011 7:57 PM Flag

    To all you know it all inteluctual dummies

    i made big money today. Remember i said i would load up in the single digits and i did i also sold out part of that position for a very nice profit... Keep the hook danging for the suckers. You don't know NADA. TRADE TRADE TRADE !!!!!

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    • Good call. Went lower than I expected.

    • gee wiz sausage

      I made big bucks today also as I doubled my share position under $10.

      It was a no brainer type of trade created by the markets and a stock that has no trading liquidity.

      I like DR K will be waiting for -011 results.


    • I agree Toni,

      I hate intellectuals. They think they are so smart. When are we going to realize that homo sapiens are just a faster, more efficient form of life than the Neandrathel?

      Kant was such a *rick. The thing it self is different from the in itself. As if that makes sense for the modern trader. We all know today what is happening in the market and as outside observers we aren't excluded from the power and resources of people and institutions who actually govern the market.

      Hegel is silly too. As if the thesis-antithesis-synthesis model really explains anything. So what if the pursuit of profit and too little tax results in collapse of the American economy and any efforts to find a new approach results in people calling each other idiots. I am sure Hegel was tempted to call Marx a moron.

      Then Neitzsche came along and spoiled the fun of the Huns. "God is dead" and did he really mean it or was he having a meltdown like the market today?

      I prefer the Scots. They wait to see what happens then they calibrate reality and call something good that puts money in their pockets. The English of course say things nicer and prefer to hold off expressing their views until dire situations are overcome and they can applaud their public school system for giving them the courage to prevail over all other homo sapiens.

      The American intellectual is the oddest species, and usually limits their contributions to attacking the French (as they should). Canadians have no intellectuals but who needs them when Gretzky is still alive and our dollar is higher than the US dollar and we seem to have retained our AAA rating.

      I am glad you made a profit today and please buy a beer fridge and stock it with Molson Canadian.

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