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  • ubuy2wron ubuy2wron May 2, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Futility interim analysis complete

    Summer it appears that mgmt has listened to your comments re keeping investors in the dark. It has been far too long since I cracked open a statistics text book however has not the probability of the success of the Synergy trial just increased with this tid bit of data. The interim etficay look has not been done , what does this say about the control arm longevity if any thing?

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    • Summer, I have to second ubuy's comments and congratulate you for pulling off another coup. It appears that the second futility analysis was indeed completed in the past few weeks just as you predicted. Anything you care to say about how this affects the odds for success in the interim or the final would be much appreciated. In any case, we're all very lucky to have you posting here since otherwise we'd be completely in the dark as to what's going on.

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      • Yahoo ate my message again. I had a great composition comparing conducting a clinical trial to dating during which at certain phases you decide whether the drug/partner was the right one and how a being undecided is neutral.

        The question you ask is not easy to answer because we dont know what kind of futility boundary the co used. Usually the efficacy + futility boundaries of a clinical trial are based on O'Brien Fleming which have futility and efficacy at the same time. OBF futility is not a very strict one. It only tells us that the drug cannot be proven to be harmful rather than telling us whether it works or not. However, this situation might be different.

        Tonight or tomorrow, I'll rewrite why.

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