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  • elstockjock elstockjock Oct 22, 2013 1:29 AM Flag

    Makes no sense

    OGXI traded over 10$ for well over a year on what news?
    Are all these analysts wrong in their price targets?
    Looks like real panic setting in and no price support from any big players, along with no progress reports from mgmt.
    Are you guys just gonna hold your shares, buy more , or leave?
    Everyone's gotta be under water on this now. I am.
    Am I correct in saying that?

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    • What analysts? I haven't heard any of them weigh in a long time (not that any reputable ones covered the stock to begin with.) Analyst at William Blair used to practically pump OGXI on a weekly basis - now, her silence is deafening. Present volatility hasn't changed my initial investment thesis, however, so I'm holding for better or worse (FWIW) ...

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      • Agreed. OGXI was a 'buy and hold' from the beginning with the only noteworthy variable being entry price (to determine how far underwater your portfolio was at any given moment). Market movements can be coincidental or completely unrelated...the only events of consequence are trial results and FDA rulings.
        LOL...I think OGXI is less of a stock and more of a lottery ticket. I keep waiting for my numbers to hit...
        Good luck,

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