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  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 29, 2014 6:02 PM Flag

    Dr, Kuvasz

    Just started DD on OGXI. Like you, I sold ISIS sub 20 pps. I give my friend JET so much credit for his steadfastness and perseverance holding ISIS (and maybe adding) through the difficult and uncertain times. I would like to see him sell some in the 50 range but know he won't. I wanted to encourage him to sell at 30 and glad I didn't...he would not have listened anyway...good for him. I like the pipeline and number of trials OGXI would think something will hit. I held this a few years ago and sold on a moderate profit. Jet is advocating MSTX and RNN. Do you know JET personally as I do? Just curious. GLTY

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    • Hi kgrichard5 : I have seen many of your posts and have enjoyed them.

      Jet told me two years ago to invest in ISIS, but I couldn't as I was so heavily invested in OGXI (have been since it was a private company and before the reverse takeover of SONUS.) Unbelieveable how ISIS has gone from 6 to 50 during the time I have followed it.

      6 billion market cap for ISIS? is that as high as it will go? MDVN with one drug passed 6 bl today on old news that it had success in pre-chemo space. The market is strange; nothing breeds success like success.

      I saw that Alpha Street the other day used the term "blue sky horizon" (or something like that ) to describe potential of OGXI. What is the limit for ISIS? For MDVN?

      I hope we have the same problem with OGXI. Let's face it; 011 in prostate is the defining act for those now invested. If it is positive, the sky is the limit; if not, the pipeline (in particular 427) will bring the company forward but for present investors, the dilution may hurt so bad .

      I hope Jet is doing well, and I believe that he will start a famous Michigan winery with his new found riches, perhaps the winery will be called Isis or after some other suitably named Egyptian goddess. I can see it now "Isis Pinot Noir" or "Jet's Chardonnay " .

      I know if OGXI makes it I will buy a winery. It is the fastest way to lose a fortune.

      Good luck.

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