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  • larry_dalliapoulos larry_dalliapoulos Jul 7, 2010 1:38 AM Flag

    PPS is .85

    Lock we are probably splitting hairs. I'm not selling anytime soon, and I plan to pickup more shares on any dips. So let's drill down into subtleties and gray areas though.

    I hear ya, this is a pk and as such more risk is inherent. However, the point I and others are trying to make, is that it doesn't have to be black or white - it's not team player/good owner OR the other extreme, basher/whiner. Just as you would not like to be labeled a pumper, there are careful, inquisitive investors who are a far cry from bashers. There is a middle ground, and in fact the middle is the only place to be here, in my opinion. Trust me when I tell you that anything perceived by possible investors as "cultish" or "pumperish" is as much of a turn-off as bashers. I know this because I almost sold out at one point because of it. I won't mention any names lock!!!

    Support of management is a great thing because it will allow them to focus on reaching their goals, but, as we have established, this is a pink sheet and there are connotations. Bad ones. The reason that is so important, and the reason I feel we (including management) should strive for that middle ground, is because a sense of accountability and investor rights are crucial to attracting MORE investors. We all know more investors is what will turn us longs into RICH investors!

    If it is too much work to keep the meddlesome investors out of management's hair, then honestly the company should be taken private. That way the major shareholders can enjoy much more freedom to pursue their goals. Of course that would take large sums of money, so for now we are public and our investment is intact by the grace of the investing public. That's the deal that management signed. Granted there aren't the same SEC requirements as the NYSE, but there's at least a small degree of transparency and accountability that investors want to see.

    So lock, keep the faith, I will too, but just try to remember that not every investor has been around as long as you, hasn't seen what you have seen, and hasn't been given reason to trust like you and many others have been. They may be new to the scene, but we need them! Let's try to repel the bashers but not also cautious, careful investors doing DD. That distinction is difficult at times, but it's my belief that it's better to let in a few bashers, whose damage is short-lived and small, rather than exclude a few longs, whose benefit is great and long-lasting. You see them as cancers, I see them as gnats. They came around .40, we're now at .81. Seems they aren't that dangerous to a developing company with great potential such as ours, taking a long view. All just my stupid rambling opinion.

    GLTA longs.

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