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  • coltatt coltatt Nov 13, 2010 9:46 PM Flag

    i hate some of you.


    Ireally really do. I hate you. I just thought I would share that.

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    • Yes Jimminy, good input. I've heard about the Koch brothers. Big Right-Wing Oil. That's a 2-fer! The other side of the same coin. I do hope for a backlash against ANY powerful interests that hold the reins of power for their own benefit at the expense of the people. Naive, perhaps.

    • I support the vets and take a moderate political view but the defense spending is completely out of control. The US can't afford to be the worlds policeman any more and soon they will have to pull back to save our country from this insane debt.

    • Thanks. I was one of the lucky Vietnam Vets that went on to college a law school. You are 200% right about how vets and their families are treated; especially the physically and psychologically disabled. Not to say anything about the ones that didn't come back or came home in coffins.

    • The anger of the tea party is largely misdirected, the funding sadly by the corporate politically entrenched.

    • Didn't know you served nano, thanks to you and all in the military. That includes Bret and John Chatterton of course.

      -- thoughts from a conservative, in the traditional definition of the term (in the use of government)-- . . . Going off on a tangent, and I m not trying to get political, but it makes me sick the way some treat our military men and women. On the one hand, we send them ill-equipped into winless missions, and then invariably when many return damaged, we don't fund their repair adequately. It's this "tough as nails persona" that at the same time is both revered yet exacerbates the problem. Furthermore, the persona is worn as a cloak by imitators in sports and politics. We like to think we can share characteristics like the warriors we hear about in famous battles, but we have N O I D E A. When I heard that former Vice President Cheney chastised former President George W. Bush for not fully pardoning law-breaker RNC mastermind "Scooter" Libby by saying "I can't believe you would leave a soldier on the field of battle", I got a little angry, and I've never served in the military. I wonder what wounded combat vets would think. He really equates political gamesmanship with military sacrifice? Yes I know he's just using a metaphor, but it would be harmless used by anyone else. I know in his mind he might think he is "saving the country," but that's exactly why I feel angry. Perhaps if he exercised his odd notion of "patriotism" a little less, fewer Americans would have died.

      George Washington (perhaps you've heard of him) warned future generations that political parties might come before country. How right he was. The people of whom he spoke, if I hate anyone, those I think I just might hate.

      Look for the Tea party movement and other movements to challenge not only the Democrats but in the future also the Republicans. The Republicans think they are using the Tea Party, I wonder if it's not the other way around. A swinging guy like me can hope.

    • I took a look at few things and now I feel bad about baiting the guy. I am Ex-MC and most of the lifers were great guys, but then I saw what the years of service did to some. What this guy is today is possibly the result of having given his life to the Corp. Possibly not but I give the benefit of the doubt to another grunt. Especially following Veterans Day, The Marine Corps Birthday, and a kid stopping buy today while on his leave prior to being shipped out.

    • Nano is this guy one of the regular longs? Wow very strange group here indeed. Tell them to go back to their private club and leave this board to interested investors who actually want to talk about the company and where it stands today.

    • See a professional and I don't mean an investment adviser.

    • coltatt...while I deeply understand your sentiment, hate is a poison no one can afford; it just aggravates/frustrates without affecting the object of hatred at all. All of us have this battle,...hoping your hatred will turn into pity...there is always something to pity, and I try to focus on that. And this is just a MB. Ultimately, this MB will have LITTLE impact on pps.

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