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  • lockshed2002 lockshed2002 Dec 29, 2010 1:20 PM Flag


    Say it ain't so, Badbilly, say it ain't so!

    Although you will never speak to us again on this board, your voice will eternally resound in the hearts and minds of many of us who read your entertaining posts.

    I know that you would want us to keep up the good fight here with the same convictions you brought day in and out, but today, I have sorrow in my heart for not only has NanoLogix lost a great shareholder, but the world has lost a good person, and most importantly, a wife has lost her husband and two children, their father.

    I believe in my heart that you have left with your family and friends and teammates the values and fortitude and kindliness of your soul that will guide your family to pull through this trying time.

    I was looking forward to sharing a few pops with you, rolling some dice and slapping the ball around on the golf course in our Vegas celebration.

    Now, instead, we shall toast to you and celebrate with you in our hearts.

    Eric, may you rest in peace and may God bless your family.

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    • What's the point? Neither seemed to add much value and it seems roughly half the posts today seem to be telling Omar how stupid, etc he is. The board is better recently, but would be much better if folks would quit the personal attacks - rebuttals and ignore those just attacking. Most do have these folks on ignore and it's easy to add more names when they change profile names...>>

      The board is better recently ? Really? Please point to the posts that were made recently demonstrating what you write of ? You are so full of it ! People stopped posting you just had to write a post about bashing me ! Didn't you !

      Go look at your other site it's better ? It's nearly dead and thats because of me is it ? Explain that ? Petro the not so know it all !

    • This is the type of eulogy one reads in the newspaper and when one read into it, the article will list the relationship to the other person as his significant other ! LOL

    • You're right I should make up a totally unbelievable story like being a former NFL player and tell others on a message board what losers they are, then I would cool like you !

      Go play some Golf you Hall Of Fame BS Artist !

    • I still think Omar might be Truenorth. Truenorth was one of the only people who spent as much time as Omar does on the board. I'm sure he had multiple screen names too. With how incessant TNZ's posting was I doubt he gave up so easily unless he was prosecuted.

    • FUBAR if I did all the work for you what fun would that be? Jump in your Pinto and ride up to Gainesville. Tell Jeremy (athletic director)to let you in the sky box elevator (it's not public access)tell him I said it was OK. I've left many clues in my Hall of Fame profile that will give me away>>

      Sure tell them a guy on a message board said it's cool I can look around an area not public accessed ? You aren't fooling me !
      And People here believe your crap ?

    • Badbilly, glad you are still here my friend!

      Lock, nice words and good to see you can write an outstanding eulogy. I guess all the time that you spend here pumping has made you a well rounded wordsmith.

      I am all set and excited for NNLX to be used throughout the world. Exciting times indeed.

    • I like the "no spin zone" there at the end of your post:-)

    • I am ready Leawood. If I don't win the 200 million plus Mega Millions lottery this week, Nanologix should be a nice cushion to fall back on.

      I think we will see a steady stream of good news here starting soon, maybe before Spring. IMO.

      ****Bashers *****

      I think <<<<MY OPINION>>>>
      Steady <<<<every few weeks>>>>
      Good <<<<meaning progress oriented>>>>
      Soon <<<within the month of January>>>
      Spring <<<A season of four>>>

    • Welcome back Badbilly!!!! I was going to miss you bro. I was debating whether to write the eulogy or not, as the info was not confirmed as being you. But I thought it unrespectful not to say something.

      But you answered my first statement, Say it ain't so, Badbilly, Say it ain't so!
      And you are saying it ain't so....Greatest comeback in Message board history.

      Omar, dude. What's the big deal. Badbilly sounds like a Gator Hall of Famer to me. If not, the smack he runs at you all day long is hall of fame worthy. Take it like the little man you are. Now get in your Gremlin and get down to Gainesville. We will be waiting. Otherwise, get off the pot already because you stink this place up enough.
      When its yellow let it mellow, when its brown, flush it down.

    • I am sorry to hear that BadBilly passed on. I didn't know him other than his posts on this message board. I will include his friends and family in my prayers and pray that the Lord will help them through these tough times until they are reunited .


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