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  • jasonadamaz jasonadamaz Feb 19, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    Wow summary of news-PPS will go up

    New reuters video summarizes the BNP and this press release video goes viral and is posted on sites all over the world (over 50 I have counted)

    Nanologix goes to Dubbai for a conference with its international partner in Kuwait.

    Nanologix displays at a Biodefense conference in Washington DC and gets noticed by Reuters

    Nanologix gets an independent article written about it's BNP by Lab Manager Magazine

    Nanologix updates website with a variety of new press releases

    With all this stuff, what has barely been even mentioned on the board is that they released the financials from June 2010 that everyone has been asking for.

    Nanologix will be attending the Food Safety Conference in DC and then shortly after will be attending the BIG ONE that will sent this stock to the moon - the ASM conference in New Orleans

    Now we know they also hired a new experienced Operations Manager, John Tracey who we think is traceman who used to post here-and we know he has a personal vested interest in the company doing well.

    The Phase I Texas GBS study results will be presented at the ASM.

    The shareholders meeting will happen at some point - but I can understand how busy they are with all this other stuff going on.

    Technically I hope this does not turn into a December 20 rise - it was then that the stock went from 0.44 to 0.61 for one day on the Kuwait news then stayed at 0.61 for one day before dropping and dripping back down to the mid 0.4 range. Now we saw a 0.43 rise to 0.51 based on all the news above and the video produced. Now it has stayed at 0.51 for one day. Let's hope we don't see a Dec 20 repeat and this stock can stay above the 50 day moving average.

    I hope this brief summary helps new investors understand the movement of this company and fact this will be moving up soon.

    If this sustains above the 50-day better pick some up soon before it goes crazy.

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    • That's true the announcement was to be expected. I consider the public acknowledgment of the antibiotic sensitivity test (successful) to be a BIG milestone. I was just surprised by the lack of comments. I did get 5 stars and that is cool.

      Pricing power - I expect prices to be higher for the "not for research only" markets. Hope this makes sense - can't seem to find the right words right now.

    • I have never seen this many updates all at once for a compnay this size. I think this will attract new investors as more people start to learn about Nanologix.

      Right now I am helping my daughter do a report on Alexander Fleming. He discovered Penicillin on a Petri dish in 1928. He had a plate growing strep and Blue Mold accidentally contaminated the plate but actually killed the bacteria around it. The mold was Penicillin. This is why the Petri Dish with LIVE cultures will always be needed to test antibiotic resistance.

      I can't beleive all the news!! I think the hiring of John Traey is underestimated - this is a huge step towards operations. This is a clue and indicator we are getting closer to big time people!!

    • lol can we go back to arguing about conference rescheduling life was simpler back then

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