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  • LongPicker LongPicker Feb 19, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    Wow summary of news-PPS will go up

    Even more important than serious operators is pricing power. NanoLogix has pricing power Galore!
    Warren Buffet recently had this to say about it:

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    • NanoLogix has pricing power Galore!

      I agree........Post of the week, congrats.

      I thought I might be considered for post of the week with my comments about antibiotic sensitivity test finally being discussed by the company and TMC publicly. But, not too many people here care about that or understand the implications of such a subtle (but giant) announcement. At the very least posters did not want to comment at all that's for sure. Well Ok Otown did.

      This message board is strange these days. Hopefully the stock will be up big time this summer and this board will be a better place.

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      • Fishfryer

        I think the post about the antibiotic sensitivity was almost anticlimatic in the sense that most of us on the board know that it can and will be used for this purpose. I did think it was a huge annoucment (I gave you five stars)that it is being put out by the company and being showcased to the target customers and end users.

        Longpicker makes an excelent point also in pricing power. once labs start using the product and use on a regular basis it will be very easy to increase prices( think dial up internet to DSL) no way you would go back to the old way!


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