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  • jasonadamaz jasonadamaz Feb 26, 2011 3:00 AM Flag

    POLL: Buyout vs Production

    What is you best guess as to the future of Nanologix.

    A: NNLX produces, markets, sells the BNP with no other collaboration or help.

    B: NNLX is completely bought out by a larger medical device company.

    C: NNLX sells its' patent rights and collects the royalties and allows another company run the production and sales.

    D: NNLX collaborates in a partnership with another company to market, produce and sell their product.

    My guess is D. What is your guess and why.

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    • I'll take a buyout. Doesn't even have to be a double-digit price. All we need is 2 big companies each wanting NNLX, then it could easily be a double-digit price for the stock.

    • B. Thermo Fisher

    • Jason,
      I believe the company is proceeding with "A" (and it should) because it gives a critical cornerstone for defending any one of its patents. This is just as important as all the tradeshows, marketing, third party testing, and University trials, IMHO.
      By NNLX having their own production facilities they pass the “machine or transformation” test without a doubt. Although the below referenced case was somewhat unrelated I have confidence that the "machine or transformation" test still holds a lot of water for a company like NNLX.

      Sawjawfamily might have a few words about this, and you all know why ;-)

      The other reason proceeding with "A" makes sense is beacuse it is the quickest way to get the product to market as demand picks up and build market share immediately. Running at full tilt I think that clean room can produce something crazy like 50,000 petris a day? (Correct me if I'm wrong). So NNLX already has the capacity to create supply. Why not exploit it ASAP?

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      • Thanks for the responses. It is an interesting topic to see what others are thinking. I figure that if you are investor hoping for a buyout you might be hoping for a big return in the short run where one day the share price jumps if a buyout is announced. But, if you are thinking the compnay to produce and distribute themselves it might be a slow and steady increase over severeal years.

    • My guess is BB is half as smart as Warfield likes him to be and they actually have that" Medical History changing technology " then he will sell ! He's like 60 years old and doesn't he want to spend the rest of it where he wants other than worried about shareholders contacting NNLX business partners ?

    • dobpic2 Feb 26, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

      My Guess is D. which it has already collaborated in doing in the middle East, then A in the united States finally ending with B. My opinion is that when it comes to buyouts, the harder you make it for someone to buy you out, the higher the premium you can charge them to buy you out. Brett may want to keep his company, but I think part of what he is doing is covering his bases for when he does want to sell, and he's securing a large premium for his shares in case he wants to go that route. I've been seeing this kind of stuff happen at businesses before where they literally will do things, whether profitable or not to primp themselves to look like a prized possession for a bigger company to devour. The main reason why I like this pink sheet is because I think we have a sound CEO.

    • Jason

      I kind of agree with Devocon as far are the built facility goes.
      Which would make me say( A )but they are already in a comercial collaboration with Advanced Medical German Company of Kuwait (AMGKWT)
      which would be( D ). I would say (A)in the USA and (D) in the rest of the world. In parts of the world they sort of don't have a choice like in the EU they must partner with entites doing business there already to get approval for devices.


    • After reading the article that LongPicker posted it looks like buy outs are not very prevalent in the industry. That along with the poison pill that Bret put in place fairly well precludes a buy out. Nano already has a formidable production facility. They are actively engaged in marketing efforts. I don't see how you arrived at your guess.

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      • The poison pill was put in place by the board and approved by the shareholders to prevent a hostile take over for some miniscule price. It has long been discussed by some of the shareholders that if a buy out was offered at a fair and reasonable price the shareholders "may" (repeat, may) vote in favor of it. All subject to BB liking the offer in the first place.
        I hold that if the sales take off like we all think they will there is no reason NOT to think that one of the big players with all of it's infrastructure (production facilities, transportation, SALES force,established contacts, etc) already in place wouldn't make a large $$ bid to buy up Nanologix.
        Remember Devo, it's only a guess. Now lets hear yours.

    • I choose "B"
      Everyone has their price and it will be double digits.
      Depends though on writing in contract with German Medical???????

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