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  • LongPicker LongPicker Mar 3, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

    MRSA testing

    Looks like it could become standard everywhere:

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    • Fyi, still haven't pulled the trigger. waiting for it to go lower----in the low 2's.

      when is nnlx going up?

    • You have only pushed the right button on one company that compares to Nanologix in quantitative and qualitative measurement of bacteria. And even they are successful at 14 day old specimens only, read the fine print better before you post your baloney here.

      You hold no stock in this company. You do have a right to post. But why?

    • Thanks for the info. I saved your post. Don't know when I will get to that but, I will eventually.

      I have some websites bookmarked already. I have not looked into company websites that much because they could be somewhat biased. But if I just stick to the "technology articles, research papers, see diagrams and schematics, charts, graphs" then I can learn as you said.

      Yeah the patents are hell on earth.

      I like to post news articles and give links. But, I think my time would be better spent doing stuff like educating myself/research.
      People on here find all the news very quickly (thanks) and they are very good at that.

    • No problem Commish.

      I have enjoyed a lot of your posts.

    • Thanks.

      I try - That's all I can do.

      Reading the patents helps somewhat. But, then time goes by and the next thing you know several months have passed since then. And if you don't use this science everyday (like at work) then's hard.... like you said "often very complicated and confusing" - I agree.

    • Wow, a tough critic...spotting a technical word error which could only be detected by a rabid NNLX long who wets his pants with excitement over the product's details.
      Let me re-phrase..."your BNF/BNP
      technology uses a MICROSCOPE". Is that OK?

      Commish ..... I guess I must hold you to a higher standard! lol This is a board that has a lot of longs excited about NNLX. No need to be defensive about my correction, based on your posts I would think you would want to be factual.

      I asked the day trading question because I thought you mentioned before of getting in out of this stock. No big deal if you are but be up front with it.

      The other thing I have noticed on other stock boards such as STXS, is you find a poster or posters that keeps throwing out other companies without much detailed information to scare some people to sell so they can grab some cheaper shares.

      As we are getting closer to TMC validation I have noticed more companies being thrown out with some being around for a long time. Why mention them now?

      The nice thing about it as my mother use to say "It all comes out in the wash".

      Not attacking you Commish but do you day trade?

    • Warfield wrote<<It sure seems you are shot-gunning a lot of info out lately.>

      Commish post 5 times on NNLX board yesterday( even bumped a Petro post the day before) and one of the posts yesterday was only a question to another poster. Shot-gunning info ?

      Let the witch hunt began.

      Interesting you question others but feel freely to say stuff like results are approaching 4 hours when no where is it stated by the company this is happening.

    • ouis Pasteur...your BNF/BNP technology uses fluorescence microscopy to detect the bacteria. How do you manage to distinguish between the colonies?

      This is new to me commish.... Can you provide proof that BNF/BNP technology uses fluorescence microscopy to detect the bacteria? Are you confusing them with BNC technology? lol It sure seems you are shot-gunning a lot of info out lately.

      Do you day trade?

    • If the NNLX technology doesn't represent a significant improvement in GBS detection over existing technology than why wouldn't TMC go directly to MRSA or another area where there is a real need?

      TMC is spending thier money for the study on NNLX technology. I doubt the regents would approve using limited resources to re-invent the wheel.

    • Yeah,

      Orange color only 25% positive - that's weak.

      Negative approx. 19% of the original 100 patients

      latex agglutination takes approximately 10 minutes.

      It's really a 2 day test - no threat. Would be nice to get the whole story up front from a poster.

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