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  • commishfree1 commishfree1 Mar 3, 2011 11:45 AM Flag

    MRSA testing


    I've said it before...AXK is making an instrument that automates what the BNP/BNF plates do. Sure it costs way more up front, but the payback and ROI is easily achieved in a rather short time due to significantly reduced labor costs.

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    • Commish,

      In regards to AXK

      Where are their validations for any of their technology?

      Their publications on their site look like advertising.

      Anything you see that would want TMC to stop their trials with NNLX?

      Thanks in advance.


    • That's why I think they will get a bigger chunk of the market before NNLX. Their product will be brought to the market sooner and the automation will allow larger numbers to be processed within NNLX's time frame. Best think NNLX still has going for it is it's mobility. You can't have AXK's equipment in the battle field or out in suburbia when you need results fast. I did peel off some NNLX and entered AXK yesterday but still feel NNLX is a better play at this PPS in the long term. Just wish they would hurry up.

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