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  • lockshed2002 lockshed2002 Jul 15, 2011 2:10 AM Flag

    Interview Transcript

    powerstock and TF up at the same time....suspicious indeed. No, they are not the same person though seriously, i am just reaching at straws here. who cares any way.

    Coltatt. I hear you! I would be a sunshine pumper if the company had nothing! Bottom line is it does. Whether they can parlay that into multimillion sales year after year is the big question. TMC seems to like it. CDC was interested at a recent ASM. Hopefully TMC adopts tech and CDC concurs. Bottom line is that people can be stupid until it is too late to fully capitalize. Happens all the time and it really does not matter except to the ones that were smart enough to capitalize. The rest will live their mundane life as usual, it could have been, it should have been....but, but, but, whatever.... Yes, we were at higher levels, but we were also at lower levels. The key point is the company is progressing. Nobody can predict a stock price in the short run. We are still in the short run here for sure. History, company said this welches grape juice, company said that 500 kits to Africa, company said this, NATO, company said that 40 acres and a mule. Look past that. Good luck.

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