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  • badbilly12 badbilly12 Jan 22, 2013 1:13 PM Flag



    Meanwhile for those with a foot solidly on planet Earth, we are down over 15 percent again today. Not to douse all this enthusiasm with a cold, hard shot of reality or anything like that. I admire the positive thinking by those here as our accounts are pillaged and plundered.

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    • You are infinitely more annoying and useless to this board and company than PDE(who actually posts a lot of relevant and helpful info) and Number1(who I have no problem with), both who you constantly attack and post about.

      If your wife is constantly down your throat about your investment maybe you should take some time out from this board and give us all a break while you sort things out with your wife. I am certainly not the only one who is very tired of reading about how much money you are losing.

      Just in my opinion as I am not a certified marriage counselor.

    • Hang in there, Bad.

      If you've just been holding all this time, you've been helpless, and I can see why that gets you down.

      Once I was convinced this slide would go on for a while, I sold some shares, betting I could get back in lower, and reduce my losses v. doing nothing. I happened to get it right. I wouldn't say others should try, and I don't claim much more than luck at guessing the bottom. But I don't feel helpless, and I don't feel like I've been robbed, and I don't think my investment has been manipulated.

      If you want to give me a hard time for making a distinction between "We're dropping like a rock!" and "We seem to have hit bottom last week, and now we're going the other way."

      Then go ahead, and I'll stop replying.

      Certain words get edited from posts, so I thought "Spine" would get the point across.

    • Bad - are you seriously talking about the closing price? You know that's bs.

      Look at the 5-day chart. Three (trading) days ago, low of .19. Two days ago, low of .20. Friday, low of .21. Today, low of .21, and weighted average price of shares sold today is higher than Friday.

      This is up. Not down.

      Not saying it won't go down again, but as of today your whining is WAY off base.

    • 15.96%, to be exact. And on the massive volume of 10,650 shares.

      Which is just about where we were last Friday at 3:45 PM EST, until somebody painted on 3 cents a couple minutes before the closing bell.

      So your point is, what, exactly? This looks like nothing more than market noise, not market signal.

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