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  • fishfryer fishfryer Jan 22, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    Update UTHSC Pub

    On Company Updates page:


    accepted for publication in a noted peer-reviewed journal.

    further details will be released upon publication.

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    • Detection within 6.5 hours using the Quick Test Kits which use BNF. This is still too long since results may not be back in time before childbirth. But wait, they found that they could get results in as little 60 minutes by using a new type of assay! That was then. We know that the results can be gotten in as little as 15 minutes!

      While we've all been waiting for this paper, it is technically 'old' information. I wonder what the reactions wil be of people who discover Nanologix for the first time thru this article and find out when they inquire that 6.5 hours is down to 15 minutes.

      We also know the nature of why BNF and Quick Test Kits are not yet available commercially since the assays are being tweaked to optimize time to detection of the various bacteria.

      Like I've been saying, once people use BNP/BNF, they will never go back to the old way of doing things.

      You think its mere coincidence that the stock gets taken down 50% in 2-1/2 months after averaging $0.40 for the past 2.5 years? I think some significant news is coming soon and THEY know it. My hope is that they aren't able to get as many cheap shares as they want because many of you will realize how big a deal this investment is.

      I think we'll get a buy out eventually and I don't think management has to sweat about making any undervalued deals. They've got product that will continue taking market share until all current agar plates have been displaced. The longer they wait, the more money the company will make and the offer to buy the company will have to keep rising to keep pace. $169.50 (as foretold by coalpile) offer in 3-5years imo. If they want to buy me out this year, they can have all my shares for $50.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "You think its mere coincidence that the stock gets taken down 50% in 2-1/2 months after averaging $0.40 for the past 2.5 years? I think some significant news is coming soon and THEY know it."

        I rarely agree with you but the phenomena you described is something I have noticed and, while this is a speculative play, I picked up a few shares in the past few days. (Tax selling was to be expected, but I didn't see any reason for suddenly dumping shares as was recently done and so I risked a few bucks. I always liked to buy when blood was in the streets.)

    • The paper is available in an unedited form on the internet if you google "faro J GBS". It is titled "Accuracy of an accelerated, culture nased assay for detection of GBS". It is a nice read and shows good sensitivity and a great negative predictive ability. It mentions the results from the BNF in the discussion section, which is great. It gives additional validity to the process. It does mention it takes 6 hours, but stresses the movement to the BNF.

      I have a feeling the C. Diff is being tested by TMC, but this is only my guess. The Third Party in Columbus does not really care about C. Diff, but an adult hospital would care a good deal about this organism.

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    • Good news! Looking at past updates and PRs, it seems there was about a month in between announcing the publication and the paper being published. If we have roughly the same time frame that would coincide(roughly) with last years Operational Summary. Maybe this could be the smoke-signal for the full-blown advertising campaign to come.

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