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  • sunlover792 sunlover792 Jan 30, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    Sales ExpectationsL A Question for the Board

    Since NNLX has publicly stated that they are waiting for the GBS and TB publications before they embark on a marketing campaign, and the GBS second paper has not yet been published, does it make sense to expect considerable sales during the last quarter of 2012? Or should we be exercising more patience in this regard? Comments welcome

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    • First .... please post my message that states John Tracy is the man that should handle the sale of Nanologix. I thought my posts have always stated that would be someone like Arnold & Porter. If I stated that I must of made that post in my sleep. If I did I was wrong.

      Back to what I posted .... I truly believe large sales to Battelle should of been cultured over the past 18 months. In your own words tell me why many many local investors and myself should not feel that way. The paper should of just been a formality. My posts have changed because the circumstances have changed.

      There is nothing holding us back in regards to Battelle.

      They did not do the work for free.

      Instead of attacking me ...... tell this board what is your expectations in regards to sales in the next three months.

      Keep in mind your words ... "superiority".

      Battelle should know this..... correct?

      How hard should it be to have a $100,000.00 order?

      Are we working with the top business people at Battelle?

      The locals here are not happy?

      No disrespect but they didn't pay 5 cents a share.


      • 1 Reply to warfield1111
      • 12/5 Warfield and this is your ridiculous post in part: "....... need to take a look at the performance of this CEO. I personally think his role should be
        changing - he has got us to the paper stage and he needs to let the closers take over.
        I view John Tracy and Arnold Porter as 2 exemples. ..." You meant "examples" ?

        So either you designated John Tracy as a "closer" or as the future CEO....
        I was outraged by your post ...I am not disgruntled but a thrilled shareholder with all that Bret has accomplished and I DO NOT BELIEVE his role should be changing; however, my answer to your questions and the substance of you last post is far better articulated by machiavelli's asute post [which I reposted here from the IHub] which gives all shareholders a view of NNLX's challenges, potential, and strategies as a new start-up biotech. This is my final reply to you.

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    • sales expectations.. lol

      you guys are looking at the wrong thing. Even if they sell thousands and thousands of kits. It is mostly irrelevant, it's not going to budge revenues of a 30 million dollar company that is bleeding through +1 million cash per year, there operating costs for making these dish's will be higher than the selling price due to the low volume. The dish's are sole here to satisfy 3rd part partners who may evaluate the product. The number sold has no obligation to follow a traditional ramp up as most product releases do. Because this is in the research arena. The product sales are mostly to be ignored at this point. What you should all be discussing and waiting for is approval, and the progress of the different tech's. Anyway it's better than guessing how many jellybeans are in the jar game. Who knows orders might even drop, if their initial orders were for some extraordinary research trial or evaluation.

    • "Since NNLX has publicly stated that they are waiting for the GBS and TB publications before they embark on a marketing campaign, and the GBS second paper has not yet been published, does it make sense to expect considerable sales during the last quarter of 2012?"

      When was that "publicly stated" about waiting for both papers? Below is what the company **publicly announced** in August and there was no mention of waiting for one or both papers being published before marketing. In fact, the company put out two updates and one PR in quick succession but none of them mentioned waiting for any papers before starting a marketing campaign. Did the goal posts get moved again or was it just conveniently not mentioned that "marketing" something isn't the same as the company beginning a full-blown "marketing campaign"? Either way it appears the company continues to put out info in such a way as to be most positively interpreted... until the release of more details prove otherwise.

      "Aug 15, 2012: NanoLogix is pleased to announce that the company will begin commercial marketing of its BNP (BioNanoPore) and BNF (BioNanoFilter) diagnostic kits under FDA 510K-exempt status. The first to be marketed will be the BNP sandwiched-membrane petri kit with TSA media. BNP kits with other nutrient media will be available in the near future by special order. Thereafter, NanoLogix plans to expand commercial operations to marketing its BNF technology for ultra-fast identification of specific subject microorganisms. The company plans to introduce commercial applications for commonly tested microorganisms, but will also work to develop client-specific customized test kits for particular applications.
      The company will also initiate sales of TSA petri plates. Both BNP and Petri plates will be packaged in the company's proprietary vacuum Flat Packs. In addition, the final results of both the University of Texas Health Science Center.Houston's clinical study for Group B Strep in pregnancies, and a large third-party research and development organization's Tuberculosis laboratory study have been submitted, by each respective institution, to major peer-reviewed medical journals for publication. One paper details the final results of the 356-patient Group B Streptococcus clinical study at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. The other paper features data from the third-party laboratory responsible for using NanoLogix BNP test kits to achieve detection of live Tuberculosis colonies in five days compared to the 21-28 days attainable through normal culturing."

    • Sunlover
      I am not expecting crazy Numbers for the 4th quarter but we should expectbetter than the 3rd Quarter. Bret did make the statement that they are waiting for the GBS and TB publications before they embark on a marketing campaign so he has set the bar. If a campaign is not initiated within a month and a half Bret will have a major problem. We are at the next level (post FDA approval) now. In the R&D stage he was given a little more wiggle room but he has to show results!!!!
      Bret has done a fantastic job to get us to this point but it is time to get the money coming in and not from PIPES so I expect him to continue to succeed weather it be bring on a sales staff, a partnership, licencing, etc. and if he is unable to do so I would hope he is man enough, or should I say smart enough to step down as CEO and hand over the job to a CEO who is more experienced in ramping up a start up company.


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