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  • the_rail_splitter the_rail_splitter Feb 2, 2013 2:12 AM Flag

    To All Longs

    Dear Shareholders,

    After a casual glance at the board I am surprised at the level of vitriole I am seeing as of late. Let's take a step back and review all of the exciting event that have occurred at Nanologix recently:

    1-Nanologix announces FDA-exempt status--- August 21, 2012
    a) Shortly after, major sale announced to 3rd party
    2-Giles Manley brought on board, --- October 21, 2012
    a) He states, "I will make a concerted effort to get the necessary trials started and finished at places such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and other institutions. I am hopeful that by the end of 2013 the standard for GBS screening will include our near-15 minute test at time of labor."
    3-EPA provides update on CRADA with Nanologix, stating they are developing a water quality test kit "for use in all ten EPA regions"--- November 9, 2012
    a) EPA: "We believe we will be able to come up with a method for E. coli O157:H7 that will allow us to skip the enrichment step and reduce detection time to less than 24 hours,” said EPA microbiologist Dr. Gerard Stelma. “Eliminating the enrichment step will also make the method more quantitative. In the near future, we would like to have a couple of papers ready for publication, as well as a complete method for the environmental community to use,” Stelma said. “Due to the promising results we have seen thus far, it is possible that we may have more than one method available.”
    i) Elimination of enrichment step... check
    ii) Multiple methods of testing... check
    iii) Publications with the EPA... check
    4-TB results published, showing promise of real-time monitoring of TB--- December 17, 2012
    5-Update from 3rd party on Nanologix packaging indicates the following:
    a) Preserves plate quality for 4 months at room temperature
    b) Anticipation of lasting more than 1 year at RT
    c) Cold storage provides 1 year shelf life
    d) Normal shelf-life for competitor product in cold storage = 3.5 months
    6-GBS Clinical Study results accepted for publication---January 22, 2013
    7-Detection times for all organisms continually approving, has been on-going since new management took over.

    It appears a lot has happened in a very short time since FDA-exempt status was announced. Sales should not be discussed this early, especially since 4th quarter financials are not yet released. I think even after would be too early to start making estimates and analyses. I would wait until EOY 2013. I found it comical that PDE was so eager to discuss financials, but do appreciate his enthusiasm. If I was a shareholder of Apple, I would expect major sales each and every quarter, shareholder meetings, marketing strategy announcements, etc. As a shareholder of what is essentially a start-up company, I expect a normal progression of sales and none of the rest. Let's wait and see what happens as the company continually moves forward. I see no sign that the company is not making excellent forward progress (see above). I think many are too quick to judge. Although I am not a multi-million dollar shareholder like some, I probably have more of my net worth wrapped up in this company than anyone else. I would be the first to complain if I thought things were heading south. Let's not cast stones just yet.

    Best of Luck,


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    • Thanks Rail,
      I share your optimism and expectations of this company and I drink water not kool aid. I believe the lack of information is necessary to keep from showing their cards too early and that there is a lot going on under the covers that the company can't elaborate on, or has been advised not to elaborate on, The evidence of progress shows itself with reducing test times, papers etc.. My guess is that we are positioning ourselves for bigger and better things in these markets and not given the big guys much heads-up. Do not like the dilution or the wait or for that matter, the canceled share holder's meetings etc, but I still give the management the benefit of the doubt. I am in wait and see mode as well and am certainly not selling any shares at 20 cents, I wish I had the cash to purchase more, maybe if I get a tax refund this year I will but for now just holding. It is nice to see what I see as rational posts instead of the constent rash of BS that goes on here daily. I am hoping and believe we will all be pleasantly surprised when this stock takes off. Simple, versatile, evolving, cost effective, no brainer . We are still in the proving and improving stage but eventually we should become the gold standard. IMO

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    • Rail, thanks for your thorough review of the company's accomplishments. I've been here about a year and while underwater at this point, the future is what I am holding for, and at current sp I am
      adding when able. Startup companies rarely succeed overnight, it takes years of forward progress,and as you showed in your review thats exactly what the company has been doing.

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      • 1 Reply to wicker123
      • Thanks for the comments.

        One thing I'd like to clarify is this:

        I don't like to give the impression that people aren't going to lose money. Clearly some people will. There's no guarantee about any company's future. All I can report is the facts. The fact is, the company is making progress. It is slower than what most people had expected but those are their expectations, the company moves at a different speed. Will we get a dramatic increase in sales? If so, how long will it take? Will the share price follow the company's progress? These are all questions that remain to be answered. Some people think they have the answer. I am simply saying I don't know but I am willing to wait around and find out. All the progress indicates that things are heading in that direction but no one knows anything for sure. I can't say though that this management is not the right management because this company is in unprecedented territory. This is a huge market with huge competitors. Yes, Nanologix has a breakthrough / revolutionary product but this market is still tough to crack, for any manager. I think these strong, highly credentialed partners this management has helped form partnerships with says something about the management. I can't say it's taking too long because I'd need a company to compare Nanologix to and for me there is none. Clearly others have different opinions but I think the best is still yet to come. I could be wrong, that's life. It's just money. Let's all take a breather.

    • Right on Rail, your summary looks about right to me, however I think it will happen a little sooner - when 4th qtr revenues are announced and if higher than 3rd qtr, then the SP should increase significantly - Cheers

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    • *improving (sp.)

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