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  • warfield1111 warfield1111 Feb 7, 2013 9:15 PM Flag


    As many of you know, I have been on and off of this board during the past year or so.

    I said all I had to say on January 31, but I have wanted to address a post by imo a solid long, Kphone. (Parents helped speed that up with her morphing comments.)

    I will address that at the end.

    Kphone thought I looked better with my white hat on.

    Well I don't wear too many white hats because they get dirty. lol

    I am wearing my shareholder hat.

    I am a pipe investor and Bret has told me that my family and I are the largest ones in Youngstown.

    That is scary because Youngstown has many many wealthier people than us.

    I have connected Nanologix with a Ohio water treatment plant to test their products.

    The last time my wife and I counted we had 28 family members and friends invested in Nanologix.

    Their price per share averages between .30 and .90 cents a share.

    Many of the 28 read and have posted on this site.

    I also have talked to many of the longs on this message board, from the east coat to the west coast.

    I receive on average 2 calls and a couple of text messages/ emails from these investors per day.

    These people are Doctors, Teachers, Administrators, Executives, Laborers, and Entrepreneurs.

    None of this group is happy where we are today.

    This group was very patient until it was announced in August 2012 that we were FDA exempt and I was told Nanologix knew months before the announcement. Our investors expected a cultivation of large orders with Battelle/clients and their business team during this period. Why no big orders coming in when the papers were published. I have not been able to get a satisfactory answer to that question.

    I am limited on science strategy experience but the plan sounded solid ...... get the papers published.

    After the papers were published we thought it was time to turn it over to the big boys ..... Nanologix choice is Arnold & Porter. They have all of the contacts, so let them help lay the path. We did it with the science so why not do it with the business. Why do it alone? I can't answer that and neither can anyone I have talked to. I think Nanologix is relying on one person too much. Bret saved this company from it's Hydrogen days and took it to the paper stage. I think selling the company is the only option at this time. Bret has said that will not be done with the patents pending. Hopefully that is soon. I could go on and on but this is my as well other investor's opinion.

    We are relying on this principal .... " It's the product stupid".

    Saying that, I owe Notneklip and Badbilly an apology.

    Notneklip was strong with his opinions during the science stage and I didn't agree and I did battle with him.

    Badbilly became frustrated and let us know on a daily basis and I snapped.

    I believe you are both investors and have a right to post your feelings on a public message board.

    Kphone ..... I don't know how much I will be posting but I will try to stick to my opinion and I will be wearing my shareholder#$%$. Contact me any time.

    Parents .... it's obvious you are passionate about Bret and that is okay but to cut and paste posts and then to call another poster Warfield ...... Wow. You sure are doing a lot of judging.

    I think I have not had any trouble expressing my thoughts on this board under the Warfield name.

    By the way, 5 or 6 readers/posters of this board have discussed with me having a concern that Bret is posting on this board. I hope that is not the case.

    I know some old longs/pipe investors who post here, call him and tell him about posts on the message board. He has told me.

    He has more important things to do and why would people want to bother him with dribble? lol

    I am tired of hearing about bashers and manipulators.

    Strong sales or a sell of the company will take care of that.

    Parents I wish you well but I will not respond to another one of your accusations.

    My posts represent my family, friends, and my opinion.


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    • Warfield-I know some old longs/pipe investors who post here, call him and tell him about posts on the message board. He has told me.

      I guess Notneklip post today seems to support what Warfield wrote.

    • Warfield,
      I am not a P.I.P.E investor. However I have been in NNLX since way before Bret arrived on the scene. At first I supported him but after a whole slew of missed deadlines and other screwups I have concluded that the only way NNLX will ever be a success is for Bret to be replaced by a competent CEO. Remember Bret took control by getting enough shares and proxies to achieve control. It could happen again. The high dollar help he hired took several years to announce that it was not necessary to have FDA approval. WOW. I remember the announcement about the iron clad legal work done to protect NNLX from a hostile takeover. I wonder if the same attorneys worked on FDA issues. They may have screwed the pooch on that issue also.

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      • Gunluvver:
        Well, you wouldn't get my vote to replace the CEO! Any idea what it takes to build a successful
        biotech company from nothing to success? Don't think so. Unfortunately, some people on the board measure the success of the company solely by the SP which is superficial. SP will follow success. We just arrived at the gateway. Am sure things will start happening this year and I am absolutely convinced that we have the right person at the helm to lead us to success. I am not selling one single share! SB

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • gunluvver....It could never happen again. I estimate 80 percent of the float are loyal to Bret and believe the press release by the UTHSC , the packaging invention, and so many other staggering achievements occurred because of his decisions; we view him as an excellent CEO and he will not be replaced.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Well, the papers I believe are out And our Great Marketing plan has started, is that what those pictures of pallets was all about ? So we have big corporations interested, really ? It goes on and on does it ?

    • Warfield-I know some old longs/pipe investors who post here, call him and tell him about posts on the message board. He has told me.

      Could you tell the board those names ? I'm sure people would like to Thank them for wasting time.

    • Interesting post from Warfield !

    • Sounds like you've lost your patience. What else happened that you aren't sharing with us that might explain your malcontent?

      Regarding being FDA exempt, that has been explained. Noone wanted to take the risk to be the first to invest their time and money. I think it's obvious the company was surprised by this fact of business and they decided to keep mum until they had the third party validations to help allay the concerns of the early adopters.

      Frankly, you haven't given the company enough time to show sales results. While I think 4th Q results will surprise, 1st Q will blow us away -- and those results will just be the beginning of the rapid growth of revenues and market share.

      It IS the product. BNP and BNF will take over wherever the petri dish is used. How quickly will be dependent on what management does.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Numb One: "1st Q will blow us away -- and those results will just be the beginning of the rapid growth of revenues and market share."

        How is anyone to take you seriously with regards to sales? What reason is there to believe this? Q3 board estimate was $61k, Q4 board estimate is ~$90k - you didn't have the courage to make a prediction like 13 other posters, but now you predict a surprise, and a "blow away" Q1. Why don't you put numbers on the board like all of the people below had courage to do?

        ray 200,000
        leawood 169,500
        eudius 127,000
        WTR 124,000
        RG 101,000
        abig 90,000
        shabby 90,000
        itsyours 75,000
        scovey 70,000
        coal 68,000
        eric 15,000
        commish 11,880
        bad 5,000

        Ave: $88,183

    • The last time my wife and I counted we had 28 family members and friends invested in Nanologix.

      ohh man, why would you do something like this, take note youngins don't drag family/freinds into finances / stocks

    • I don't have time to respond to all comments but do the research on all of your questions.

      Pharmasset was in the developmental stage for drugs for Hepatitis....... They sold for $11 Billion dollars. Sale was orchestrated by Morgan Stanley. Many longs here had me send them the story.

      A&P = expensive. Do think Battelle is cheap? Ask Bret. Companies like these will work with you if you have a Golden Goose. That is not a guess.

      Can't sale without patents finished? Do the research ..... legal opinions by national experts.

      We didn't dream this up ...... These are our thoughts from doing our own research.

      Lastly ..... I don't recall calling anyone names in my post.

      I wish the best for this company.

      As I posted last night, I have family members who are in at 90 cents a share.


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      • Great discussion thread.

        My biggest complaint about the past years has been the same as many - lack of transparency. In my opinion, the company would be well served by a virtual investor to avoid misinformation, speculation, and be as forward as possible with shareholders about where things stand.

        Make a list of every anticipated deliverable from past press releases and the comprehensive summary from last year and provide a status for these items. Active / Cancelled / Postponed / Failed / Successful.

        Other things I'd like additional information about:

        1. Does Sergey have any impact on the company's ability to move forward? If so - what is that impact?

        2. How active has the relationship been with the Battelle, and what do the next 6 months look like?

        3. How active has the relationship been with the EPA, and what do the next 6 months look like?

        4. How active has the relationship been with Arnold & Porter, and what do the next 6 months look like? The first mention of them was from a July, 2009 press release.

        5. They've reduced their staff headcount by one - Tamara Lerman is no longer their Production Supervisor. What was the reason for this?

        6. What tangible benefits have resulted from current and former Science Advisory Board members?

        7. How much "runway" does the company have with current funding?

        8. Are your clean rooms producing anticipated yields of contamination-free products?

        9. Itemize the percentage of each manufactured product as: sold for profit / provided as samples to prospects / provided for free to partners / provided at cost to partners / disposed of prior to sale.

      • You didn't specifically call names... but characterized Parents as judgmental. Just not sure why you were singling her out.

        By your post, it seems you are suggesting people should run out of this stock. I am just worried people are going to panic when the party isn't over yet.

        Still wondering, do you not believe the EPA work will be a huge boon to the share price?

      • Warfield-
        First of all, thanks for the apology. It wasn't necessary but appreciated nonetheless. My enthusiasm for this company has clearly waned over the years. At some point I concluded the CEO was in over his head and his inability to attract and retain experienced people would greatly hamper this company's progress towards the commercial success.

        Obviously, I have also been critical Barnhizer's communication approach and seeming lip-service to good corporate transparency. A review of his interviews and how the company PRs/updates are worded show, IMO, he plays it very loose and lives up to all that is said about the propensity for "stinky pinks" to hype their wares. Barnhizer has claimed to have a marketing campaign ready to go as long ago as the 2009 shareholders meeting. Yet, the goalposts continue to be moved and it seems folks are increasingly questioning whether Barnhizer really has a clue after all.

        The technology has promise but it's far from the slamdunk many people think due to significant barriers to entry and to widespread industry adoption. Battelle remains the best piece of evidence this company has potential. In fact that company appears to have the ability (see PR excerpt below) to be a real cornerstone partner of a bona fide commercial launch. Yet, I continue to view NNLX's odds for success at about 50-50. If it does make it, the return will be significant, IMO. However, I've significantly adjusted my holdings over the years to reflect the real chances it may not make it, the pattern of delay negatively informing the time value of money invested here and also the real C-suite competency deficit that I believe exists.

        "Zogenix and Battelle Launch "Less is More" DosePro(R) Marketing Campaign
        SAN DIEGO and COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zogenix, Inc. (Nasdaq:ZGNX), a pharmaceutical company commercializing and developing products for the treatment of central nervous system disorders and pain, and Battelle, the world's largest independent research and development organization, today announced the launch of their formal marketing campaign, "Less is More," for Zogenix's DosePro® drug delivery technology. The companies previously announced a collaborative agreement to advance out-licensing opportunities of DosePro®, with a focus on co-marketing the technology to potential biopharmaceutical and government clients.

        Barbara Kunz, President of Battelle Health and Life Sciences, said, "The launch of the DosePro co-marketing campaign allows us to highlight its innovative needle-free delivery technology to biopharmaceutical companies that could potentially benefit from incorporating the technology into their drug development programs. We believe DosePro can address many challenges our customers face today, including the development of differentiated and innovative products and the extension of product life cycles. With our integrated expertise in medical device development and formulation, Battelle can also apply this technology to deliver highly viscous formulations for a variety of biologics."

        Battelle's business development professionals responsible for health and life sciences will continue to market DosePro to their clients in strategic product planning meetings, at future conferences, in trade publications, and through other marketing communications. For more information on licensing opportunities using the DosePro platform contact Battelle at..."

    • "After the papers were published we thought it was time to turn it over to the big boys ..... Nanologix choice is Arnold & Porter. They have all of the contacts, so let them help lay the path. We did it with the science so why not do it with the business."

      A&P is a LAW FIRM. What do they have to do with marketing? Most lawyers barely know how to market themselves, much less somebody else. And in any event, do you have any idea how much they charge per hour?

    • WARF, been around just about as long as you (ah, don't you miss those hydro days... not), and while I agree with most of what you say I can't agree with the sale of the company. IMO all shareholders will lose big time in this scenario. Licensing first, then partnership is the direction I would go, especially since it appears we don't have a decent marketing team in place. Probably the most frustrating aspect of everything with the company is the lack of communication. You mentioned that "in August 2012 that we were FDA exempt and I was told Nanologix knew months before the announcement."... perfect example. Then there's Arnold & Porter, what have they done for us? I somewhat believe that there are two fronts Brent is dealing with. One, there may be a personal battle being waged with Serge who, after being cut lose for whatever reason, could be trying to take this company into the toilet. He's already moved to start his own company. Second, IMO, Bret has always been hands on and has been trying to "do it all" on his own. You just can't run/develop a growing company in it's infancy and try to do marketing/sales on your own. NNLX needs a strong experienced marketing/sales staff. The products are there, a couple of published studies are already out, one more isn't going to make that much of a difference. Yes, the studies give validation but we need more visibility to support the marketing of the product. Putting things on a web site isn't going to cut it, especially of no one knows about you. Unfortunately, based on past history, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see anything next week regarding the financials. Hope I'm wrong. Still believe in the technology and how it can help save many lives. There's a vast potential market out there for all the products from the military, DHS, EPA, Dept. of Ag., the CDC, hospitals, EMS, Emergency Managers, etc., etc.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Wow.

      Thanks Warfield, dan, and badbilly for the most honest explication of what's going on that I have ever seen on this board.

      I have nothing to add - these three tell the whole story.

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