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  • larry_salge larry_salge Feb 15, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    Reading the caption of the photo ...

    INCOMING ... Not outgoing!
    It says: "Receiving of 210 Cartons used in NanoLogix's production of both BNP and Petri Flatpacks. Each carton contains 500 petri plates."

    So all we know is that they received 105,000 EMPTY petri plates. Now, they can fill them with whatever they have orders for.

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    • exactly! It's amazing how we will grasp at straws of potential good news when we are more heavily invested than we should be in a high-risk/high potential company.

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      • Exactly!
        Incoming petri dish stock just says NNLX is buying in lots to get the best price. Those empty dishes could sit along time before the need for filling??? The"ONLY" thing that will show revenue is Bret putting out a Q4 report.....Period.
        And changing your company profile to try and buffalo the shareholders is like.......word don't describe it.
        Bret......."man up". Get sales help. Market your products outside of Battelle, TMC and the government and cut out the BS with the pictures of incoming dish stock (just like the Christmas dish machines - how long did we wait after that one).

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I don't think anyone was grasping at straws. Last night when the picture was posted this caption was not present. Either way, you don't order 105,000 empty plates without a sale in place or a very strong suspicion that you will receive orders.

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