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  • phloam131314 phloam131314 Feb 19, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    NanoLogix and charity:water

    I wonder whether NanoLogix would consider reaching out to charity:water.

    For those unfamiliar with the organization, they've built an organization that has raised millions to help fund clean water projects in parts of the world where clean water is a luxury. Seems like it could be a natural fit for some of the water-testing technology NanoLogix provides. Low-tech, portable, and fast results in a part of the world that's not overly regulated. Applying the company's water-testing technology towards verifying the water quality of what's coming out of the ground could be a great complement to the operation charity:water has built - and also help increase awareness of the capabilities of NanoLogix's products.

    If anyone speaks with Brett, you might suggest the potential opportunity.

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    • I mentioned the Yahoo BB message to Bret and the response from someone. Bret says we have given samples and donations to many universities and other charitable groups over the years and continue to do so.

      He will keep charity water in mind so that we may be able to do something once we are profitable. I mentioned the EPA water testing possibility, Bret says we are not finished with the kit and it needs approval before we can do anything, since it is being developed under CRADA.


      In Raleigh

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      • Thanks. Keep in mind that charity:water wouldn't necessarily be looking for donated kits. If the technology NanoLogix is able to provide solves a problem, it could be part of what they spend their fundraised dollars on. Last year they spent over $17 million towards clean water projects - all of that was from fundraising campaigns throughout their year.

        They're really doing tremendous work. I see NanoLogix's technology as a potential piece to their puzzle of solving the problem of unsanitary water ... but it's not the kind of thing where it would need to be an out-of-pocket spend from NanoLogix by any means.

        Anyway, thanks again.

      • Oh no you didn't! How dare you communicate with the company and get answers and updates to questions they are able to answer! Well, no matter. This isn't good enough!! Nothing is good enough except anything that boosts the share price! I don't care if they have to lie, cheat, and /or steal! They are a pink sheet company and they better start acting like it!!!

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    • How about a charity shareholders meeting.

    • james997 Feb 19, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

      Great ideal, but don't just make a great comment, put it in writing to Bret. Your ideals are the only way we are going to get the company off the pin. Maybe have Charity Water call him, and say we need your help.
      Your post is the kind we need from many. I have called hospitals, clinic and others to call the home office (even though you would THINK the company might be calling them!!!!!)

      Great post, James997

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    • Phloam,
      If it wasn't his idea first...............................................?

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