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  • omarhatesyou omarhatesyou Apr 16, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    N-Assay and BNF same ?

    Are the times under BNF on the website the same as the N-Assay mentioned in the update ?

    From the Poster in Oct 2012, it's says An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, I don't see any antibody coated-MEMBRANE mentioned like it does on the BNF product.

    When I go to product page on BNF it's written

    Recent BNF discoveries and product performance improvements have dramatically reduced detection and identification times. As such, ordering has been temporarily suspended, to optimize the product for this new protocol.( is that optimizing meaning getting those assays ready ?)

    From the GBS Press Release(March 2013) about the BNF test,

    “We're very happy at UT to have the recent clinical study on GBS showing positive results with the 6.5 hour test. Even more exciting, however, is that we are now seeing results as fast as 30 minutes. This more rapid test is based on a modification of the 6.5 hour test, and has the potential to allow for antibiotic susceptibility testing in an amount of time that would have previously been considered simply impossible. The studies with GBS have been applied to other bacteria, and we are very pleased to see similar results with gonorrhea, which has been implicated last year as a multi-drug resistant pathogen. We are in the final stages of formalizing the 30 minute test for GBS, and will continue to work on additional applications for this assay.”

    So modification of the 6.5 BNF test is really an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ? Seems more different than just some modification. Maybe someone with science background in this area could example it ? Anyone ?

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    • Maybe you have a point here. The BNF stuff has been down for a long time now. Perhaps they have found a way to use the tech with a pre-existing diagnostic device to read the results automatically.

      The little bit of info they do provide does not say that they developed the whole system.

      Of course at this rate, "this summer" probably means September 17th they will have a PR that gives us a little more information.

    • Maybe someone with science background in this area could example it ? Not example, Explain it

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