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  • omarhatesyou omarhatesyou May 9, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    What's going on with BNF ?

    How long does it take to optimize the product ??

    From Website under BNF products

    Recent BNF discoveries and product performance improvements have dramatically reduced detection and identification times. As such, ordering has been temporarily suspended, to optimize the product for this new protocol.

    August 2012

    Nanologix, a biotechnology innovator in the rapid detection and identification of live-threat bacteria and microorganisms, announces it will begin commercialization of its BNP (BioNanoPore) and BNF (BioNanoFilter) diagnostic kits under FDA 510K-exempt status.

    Seems we had the exempt status for a while, why are we still stuck on ordering "temporarily suspended" ??

    We had word back in June 2012 of TB under 2 hours and

    The detection for Tuberculosis (TB) utilizing NanoLogix’ BNF and BioNanoPore (BNP) technologies has recently been completed by a major independent, third-party research laboratory. Live-threat TB was detected with NanoLogix BNP technology in 4 to 5 days, as opposed to 21 to 84 days with standard culture. TB was also detected and identified with the company’s BNF technology in less than two hours. Peer-reviewed publication and FDA submittal are in process for results from both BNP and BNF Tuberculosis research.

    Are we really making BNF TB better than under 2 hours ?

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    • I would not be surprised if they pull BNF entirely due to advancements with the BNP or the N-Assay. I would think that there might be no need for duplicate products if the BNF does not improve test times significantly. This all depends on the future of BNP of course and if it is possible of obtaining eqivalent times as seen in the salmonella, e. coli etc test times.

      It is a shame that is has been so long though.

    • Didn't we have a PR in March 2013, saying a 14 months study was finished with BNF for GBS in 6.5 hours ? If they completed it and it was for 6.5 hours why do we have a message about optimizing BNF and order s are temporarily suspended ? So we are now waiting for something else and that LONG LONG study worked on test results with 6.5 hours aren't going be used as a real product to sell ? Does it mean another who knows how long a study is needed for the new and improved time before selling ?

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