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  • nanofanboyyeahbaby nanofanboyyeahbaby Jun 27, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    The continual lies of parents.


    Parents wrote the following on the IHub board today:

    "BTW , weege, NNLX does not own any treasury stock to dump; NNLX only uses restricted stock shares for PIPE investors. If an insider sold, we would detect that in SEC filings. So really, we do not need to consult with a transfer agent but, if it would assist you, I hope you can.

    Breaking down the lies:

    1. Parents suggests that "treasury stock" is the only thing that a company can trade on the open market. Treasury stock is stock the company purchases back on the open market from shareholders. It's often referred to as a "buy back" transaction. To my knowledge, the company has never conducted a buy back of shares so naturally they have none of these type of shares. However, the company does issue executive compensation via shares. If the shares are restricted, they are only restricted for one year. Nanologix have been issuing stock compensation for several years. The majority of what they've issued are tradable.

    2. Parents states that "if an insider sold, we would detect that in the SEC filings." That is a complete and total lie. Nanologix is not registered with the SEC to file anything other than a Form D. If an executive sold shares, nanologix is not required to make a public filing because it isn't registered with the SEC. If they were registered with the SEC, they'd be closed down for not filing quarterly and annual financial reports.

    3. The transfer agent isn't the only person that keeps records of the trades. The company themselves keep such records.

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    • Well all I know is that is you go to your trading account and go under insiders it does indeed list board members and what they have sold...I don't know if that lists all transactions but it does indeed look that way. The last insider trade was in January of this year according to Scottrade. So is Parents wrong? Does not seem that way it may not be an SEC filing but it certainly seems its some type of filing...also I remember looking at that in the past for another board member and it listed the sell in advance.

    • She has a lot of stupid posts !

      Check this one out

      There will never be a successful challenge to our BOD or our CEO; I estimate, that the longs loyal to the present BOD and the shares held by PIPE investors loyal to the BOD and CEO as well as the insiders are way over 50 percent of the float. Only an individual with the intent to harm the company would attempt a hostile takeover, but the poison pill and Bret's ownership of the revolutionary packaging are insurmountable barriers as well.

      She apparently didn't notice Warfield post the other day. He was a very vocal long but sure is unhappy NOW, losing money will do that to people most of the time, unless one is brain dead like Partent. Parent also thinks everyone is so loyal. What will make most people stop being loyal is money lost. Their money because more and more less as time goes on sucks. And when they start to look at why ? They will see the company hasn't done much to support a PPS. I suspect she's thinks Petro is going hang around with a share price dropping. I'm guessing he has done some exiting already and looking at selling more. She's crazy to think people are happy when it comes to losing their money ! They aren't happy only a moron like her would be !

      If Bret can't pull a rabbit out of his hat soon then he needs to let someone else do his job since he isn't doing a good job at protecting shareholder's Price of their shares ! He's done an extremely poor job lately !

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