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  • I sold nearly everything for reasons that have been rehashed time and again, but the primary deciding factor was when principal long time supporter posted that they are buying and nnlx will be at $2 before year's end. That kind of pumping to me is a signal to bail.

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    • Well Bob it only took you 3 months to 180 degree your exact thought as parents. Your quote from this April.

      " In the past I thought some of the stuff posted, and especially by PDE, was pumpy. This is anything but and the only question is when nnlx takes off. Personally, I think the company will be sold in the next few months for a price equal to $2.00 a share."

      I think you got squeezed by some market manipulation on this one. When there is no news and investors are frustrated it's real easy to manipulate the market to make it look even worse. Good luck to you.

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      • That was in April. Since then I thought we knew why the slide and it would stop with the exit of Marathon. I have found that one has to recognize when they have made a mistake and act. It's called cutting your losses.

        My thoughts are not the same as Parents. I thought and invested thinking nnlx was ripe to turn around, but the market proved me wrong. Even taking into account the fact that the pps continues to slide despite Marathon's exit, Parents thinks the price is going to $2.

    • It's funny how Parent chooses $2 by years end but where does she come to such a number ? She just figures if she says it enough I suppose it will come true ?

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