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  • erickarther erickarther Jul 5, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Closer to 20 than 10 cents

    Optimistically I'd say we have turned the corner ...... news has leaked out and demand appears up. I would not be surprised if we had good news posted soon ....... can we make it to 20 pennies? Bret, how are sales going???

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    • Close at 15.9 ......... gotta like the bigger numbers ..... can we make 16 and beyond?

    • Since another quarter just ended, I think we will linger around 15 cents - give or take a coupel pennies between now and the end of July. If sales/earnings are not posted by early August, I think we will come tumbling down again - probably under a dime. If earnings are posted, I think we will move pretty significantly, up or down, based on the earnings. Personally, I think it will be up because I don't think earnings will be posted unless the news is perceived to be really good. Here's hoping...

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    • Erick this was from February 20 2013

      FlatPack room-temperature preservation technology leapfrogs current standards, under which TSA petri plates remain usable for only three months in cold storage – that is, 2 to 8 degrees Centigrade, or 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NanoLogix. FlatPack technology eliminates the need for refrigeration of TSA and extends the usable life of the TSA agar by multiples of what is available from competitors. In addition, FlatPack technology provides for easy visibility of all ten plates per pack for quality inspection, and reduces or eliminates breakage during shipping and storage. After shipping tens of thousands of plates, NanoLogix has been told by customers that not a single plate has broken.

      Are we in the hundred thousands yet ? I know some believe that it's imperative to keep sales a secret but wasn't this message above leaking out a rough estimate of we had at that date ? Apparently it was fine then, why not keep it coming ? How many have we shipped now that haven't broken ?

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