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  • omarhatesyou omarhatesyou Dec 1, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    How long for N-Assay Papers ?

    Going by the other two latest papers on GBS and TB, I guess we should hear some time between this month and March 2014

    Looking back it was August 15, 2012, both were talked about being submitted, the TB news came in early December 2012 and GBS came in March 2013

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    • I'm starting to think the Papers are likely coming some time closer to March 2014 now than December 2013 after that release. I think the release was to keep the hard core believers some what content as the wait for N-Assay papers are still a few months a way. Hope I'm wrong.

    • The latest release gave us a little bit more information on N-Assay.

      NanoLogix and researchers at UTHSC Houston are working to finalize development of the Company’s new N-Assay detection and identification assay. The original concept for use with one bacteria has expanded to one in which as many as five different pathogens can be rapidly detected, identified, and analyzed for antibiotic sensitivity or resistance on one N-Assay multiwell microplate.

    • Fair assessment, but no guarentee.

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      • Ray, you're absolutely right, no guarantees on that estimated time. But just using those two papers as a guide to estimate it appears to me that after submitting those N-Assay Papers they should come out 4-6 months later.

        Still curious why the company said on April 5 2013 they planned on marketing their N-Assay product ? And wondering when it was actually submitted. It's just eats people up like Petro to ask questions like that. But what is really weird with People like Petro he complains about others posts for posting what he calls negatives. But since there is no guarantees on stocks especially a pink sheet company I feel that everything should be examined and nit-picking should go on, shouldn't it ? But for whatever reasons people here have call agendas when one questions things and that questions should be off limits in posting especially if people like Petro thinks it's a negative, go figure that out ! If one does ask too many ( so called negative) questions, it's met with a frown because to do that MUST mean they own no shares or up to no good.

        Anyways, if the past two papers took about 4-6 months after submitting then to have it by summer seems to me that they thought it was just about to be submitted to journals back in April. So something(s) happened if it didn't get submitted until August. Just makes me curious. I'm curious what that was. Now Petro will be curious on things he thinks is important like how many post someone does in a row, how many shares another poster has or why some one post here who claims to own no shares. I guess his concerns appear more about other posters rather than the concerns with the company. What a weird one he is.

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