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  • goemis1234 goemis1234 Oct 6, 2011 1:52 PM Flag

    Congratulations to EMIS holders

    What does the Unigene/Nordic deal mean for Emisphere. We’ll in a nut shell this is homerun for EMIS as it means that that EMIS has most likely agreed to be purchased by a big pharma upon the successful outcome of the bone breakage study.

    Here is my Logic:

    EMIS is currently nothing more than a shell of a company. It is no longer conducting research and development into new drugs. Shell bio-tech companies that only license out their technology to large Pharmas are sold.

    EMIS is no longer conducting a CEO search. This was canceled due to the fact the company is going to be sold shortly after the bone breakage study. You do not need a CEO if the company is going to be sold.

    The reason the b-12 drug has not been licensed is again the company has agreed to sell itself upon the conclusion of the study. As part of the agreement, EMIS probably agreed not to sign any third party licensing agreements that would muddy up the sale. I would guess that this is the reason they had to actually buy their way out of the b-12 deal that they did sign.

    The company is not currently out licensing its technology and is no longer going to trade shows to showcase its technology. The reason is why bother if you have agreed to sell yourself to a big pharma.

    Nordic has partnered up with Unigene. Why? Because a big pharma is buying EMIS and they will no longer have access to the EMIS oral delivery products to move products into phase 2 and 3.

    The EMIS stock price has been rising lately as those in the know about a pending sale of EMIS have started to purchase EMIS . Timing of the sale to a big pharma is most likly after the release of the bone breakage study.

    A big pharma has been working closely with EMIS as far as forgiving its debt, as such they know each other very well in regards to each other’s financial conditions.

    If you’re a VC firm your goal is to invest and then sell the comanies you invest in. There is no desire for the current major shareholder of EMIS to run the company.

    All recent financing have been done internally, the reason for this is why bring in an outsiders if you know the company is going to be sold.

    I think congratulations to all the EMIS shareholder is in order as a big announcement is just around the corner. The question is at what share price will it be sold. I would guess that a reasonable price per share would be in the $8 - $10 range.

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