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  • woaga1 woaga1 Jul 20, 2006 10:16 AM Flag


    At least answers. I hate to depend on the yahoo board as only source of news knowing that most posts are made of dreams.

    Answers directly from the CEO. Good or bad but at least authentically.

    How many synthesizers have been sold, are installed and operating ?
    Is it correct that one synthesizer sells for about 200k ?
    How about the spin off ?
    Did Acacia receive a letter from the IRS or not yet ?
    What are the results from the 3 Bird Flu programms our technology was involved in ?

    Just a few out of many questions I would have.
    I hope most will be answered tonight and the stock then will be freed from rumors that are manipulating it since weeks.

    It would be good to see 8 synthesizers sold April-June. Together with the drawing from the DoD funds and the array sales revenues as high as $3 million are a good guess. It would surprise the market in a good way.

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    • I say the report will be good

    • I can provide you with the most accurate answers on your querry.
      Synthesizer has only become available in the last few weeks. It is being marketed now but no substatial sale to speak of. Market price just over 200k.
      Spin off will take place after we complete our pp and have sufficient funding to take us to profitability. We have not received an IRS response as to the tax liability that Acacia will incur.
      Bird flu program is ongoing but it is a good will gesture thus far on our part and will generate little if any revenue.
      Our costs have spiralled exponetialy as you can see but we realized a modest revenue increase quarter over quarter and 05-06 q-q.
      Thank you and good day.

      Next news completion of pp.
      Next news 30 days later.

      Choke on it Kumar!

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      • I'm sure you know better than I do. I'm a rather new shareholder.
        I know the 90k Array and the 90k Synthesizer have been announced to the market at the beginning of May. For sure the marketing has started months before and the back log was considerable. This is why I think 8 synthesizers are a good number May-June.

        As said these were just a few of my questions. I'm optimistic to hear about all currently running projects. Some will disappoint others will surprise. The good is when you have 4 business sectors -CustomArray-DrugDiscovery-HomelandSecurity-NanoArray- you always have something to tell and to surprise.
        May it be CMDiagnostics, may it be Northrop Grumman the potential of a surprise is real. I estimate that a dozend of projects is currently running. Some words about each of them tonight and it's enough for me.
        Could be talks with Wyeth, Merck, Pfizer or others are taking place as we speak. In case this wild guess would come true the impact would be heavy. The surprise can happen any day or never. I just think the stock price does not reflect it and therefore the upside is looking better than the downside.
        Although it would hurt I would survive another drop of 10% . Much more I don't think I have to fear. I have heard a lot of good things about the CEO and his management team, especially at CMD. I'm waiting for the closing bell optimistically.

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