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  • ze20130101 ze20130101 Jun 27, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    shorts might wake up tomorrow find out this pass $4

    Shock? Will se

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    • Is that why you put the ask up over $4 in this thinly traded equity jerky boy? First, lets get one thing straight. The shorts in this case are the MMs and they control the trade. Much of the pumping here is from them looking to recoup looses from many blunders cbmx has made in the past and still recovering from the 10 to 1 reverse split. The other pumpers are the suckers who got pumped into buying this over 3 and 4 without doing Due Diligence to realize that this test has competition, the news is conditional and has not been signed off on yet, the market for the test is as tiny as the bikini on the girl with the teenie weenie pink bikini. Doctors refer prenatal testing to women seeking a 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages. This is a teensy weensy market and the news was hyped by the MMs looking to short high and cover low to make up for past losses. You probably fall into the category of the pumper who was suckered into buying too high because the MMs usually don't work the boards at night. They are loaded and have a real life, Also, they have not conflicted with me much because they know I am right. The dopes that bought too high and who are pumping like yourself are their own worst enemy since if they listened to me, I gave them a solution to their plight. Instead they are also pumping this equity to suckers and helping the MMs who will never let them recoup their money if they have their way. You, by creating buyers at this level are helping the shorts. Also, by refusing to sell and cut your losses now before it goes down further, you are not competing with the short sellers to sell shares and making their job that much easier. If you sell, cut your losses now and buy back cheaper, it is your only hope and you will have decreased the opportunity for the MMs to short more shares, competed with them to sell shares now and later, you will squeeze them after you stifle them now. You can read but can you understand that i am a pro. I am your hope.

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